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Ronel van Dijk – CFO Spur Group: “Shortly after I took over I changed the way we report on our international businesses. That benefited us”

Ronel van Dijk, CFO of Spur Group, has a B.Rek (Hons) from the University of Stellenbosch. She qualified as a CA(SA) in December 1997 and thereafter spent a year working in the London office of Arthur Andersen & Co.  She returned to Cape Town as audit manager with the firm.  Ronel joined Spur head office as group financial manager in January 2003.  In January 2005, Ronel was appointed as chief financial officer and company secretary, and she was…


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Zunaid Bulbulia - CFO MTN South Africa: "It has become a lot more stressful"

"I see the CFO becoming more strategic and crucial to overall business success than ever before; I already find myself playing a constructive role in parts of the business that were the exclusive domains of the functional executives concerned only a few short years ago." Zunaid Bulbilia, CFO of MTN South Africa, a company he joined prior to its commercial launch in January 1994 definitely feels it has become 'a lot more…


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CFO South Africa: A rapidly growing community

“Knowledge is power and sharing is caring. Once you bring knowledgeable and caring people with power together, that’s where change begins.” This has been our firm belief and the core of our ideology when we launched CFO South Africa nearly ten months ago.


Time for an update. First and foremost, we are very pleased with the developments so far. The pace in which the community on CFO.co.za has been growing is remarkable. At present nearly 400 South African finance…


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Mariette Ebersohn – CFO Mango Airlines: "Goodbye bean-counter, hello unpredictability"

"The CFO position was traditionally a “bean-counting” job primarily responsible for various accounting, reporting and budgeting exercises.  Nowadays, the role is much more unpredictable with a number of additional expectations raised beyond traditional technical accounting and…


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Strategy, Consumers and the Company

Guest writer Tare Kadzura elaborates on firms in South Africa, and how they manage to put utmost importance of the fundamental premise of why an organization exists: to provide products or services to consumers at a price that reflect value as fairly as possible. Plus: how online developments play a vital role herein.


A few weeks ago, I visited my local bank branch with a simple query regarding a certain product they had on offer. Fast forward 45 minutes, after…


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