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Grant Robson and Richard Angus, Directors of The Finance Team: Matching Personalities

“In theory it is not always appropriate to talk about family and private interests during a job interview,” says Richard Angus, CEO of The Finance Team, “but personality and culture fit is critical to a successful engagement, so we do it anyway. In the end, a lot of what The Finance Team does is personality matching, says Angus. “Finding a personal and cultural click between people is essential when it comes to placing finance experts temporarily into any…


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A game changer for CFOs and the finance organisation

Finance chiefs could drive more business value under new global business services (GBS) model yet risks prevail

New research from ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) suggests that finance leaders see challenges in implementing global business service (GBS) models as well as recognising the significant impact they may have on the traditional role of the finance organisation.

With many finance functions within businesses having…


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Kuda Makoni, Manager at Deloitte Consulting: Innovation is not optional

“The financial sector in South Africa is world class, and as a result faces similar challenges to the ones prevalent in more developed economies,” says Kuda Makoni, strategy and innovation manager at Deloitte Consulting. “However, South Africa is a developing nation which means our local CFOs also deal with some unique country-specific challenges”

Zimbabwe-born and trained Makoni has been with Deloitte for two years, after an initial career at EY. At the beginning of…


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Steve Killick, Partner at PwC: No to a ‘cookie cutter’ approach

“African countries are very different from each other, which means a ‘cookie cutter’ approach won’t cut it for firms that are expanding into the continent,” says Steve Killick, partner at the Johannesburg-office of PwC. “For example the regulations vary greatly from country to country, especially in the financial services sector in which I work. Culture is a softer element, but it’s equally important and the differences are significant.”

Steve is not complaining. Advising…


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David Gleason, Owner of DealMakers Magazine: There are deals cooking

“There are several merger and acquisition deals on the table at the moment,” says Business Day columnist David Gleason, who publishes the quarterly M&A magazine DealMakers. He says those deals are being “worked on and discussed”, but they’re “cooking in the pot for now” because of the political uncertainty in South Africa. “We have to get through the elections and see what sort of cabinet we will get. If it is a team of reasonable people, it will unlock a lot of energy for the…


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Top CFOs discuss outlook 2014 during Executive Dinner

From left to right; Melle Eijckelhof Director CFO South Africa, Bikash Prasad CFO Olam International, Jennifer Njelesani CFO Auditor General, Nichola Dewar CFO Postbank, Carolina van der Ark Managing Director Transparant International, Karl Williams Finance Director Colgate-Palmolive, Ricus Roets, Finance Director Heineken OpCo.

View the photos from the dinner…


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Brett Parker, MD for Southern Africa at SAP Africa: Effective CFOs must be outward-facing

It is clear that the CFO role at today’s leading companies is evolving. Alongside the traditional mandate to provide financial insights and analysis, effective CFOs are far more involved in supporting and even developing strategy, guiding key business initiatives.

Indeed, CFOs can be perfectly equipped to be outward-facing ambassadors of the company they work for, says Brett Parker, Managing Director Southern Africa at software and solutions firm SAP, market leader in…


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Sean Reuben, Finance Director at The Jupiter Drawing Room: CFOs can change lives

“CFOs are increasingly earning the reputation of hatchet men, the Chief Firing Officer,” says Sean Reuben, Financial Director at The Jupiter Drawing Room, one of the leading creative and advertising agencies in South Africa. Reuben feels that Chief Financial Officers and FDs have a responsibility to think twice when they are about to lay off staff. “It would be a sad indictment on our morality and social consciousness to merely be numbers people.” In an interview with CFO South…


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Dalu Majeke, Chief Financial Officer of the National Treasury: Passion and resilience

“I am never jealous of CFOs in the private sector, but I am just happy that they are there so I can follow them and learn from what they are doing right”, says Dalu Majeke, CFO at the National Treasury.

Majeke is a pleasant and calm individual who shies away from making sweeping statements. He seems to be in control of what he is doing – exactly the kind of person the National Treasury would want for a CFO. In an interview with CFO South Africa, Majeke shares some of his…


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Lance Tomlinson, Assurance Leader Africa EY: Trust the numbers

‘Post the 2008 financial crisis there has been an unprecedented demand for the CFO’s unique perspective and discipline. The core skills of a CFO in ensuring that business decisions are grounded in sound financial criteria and providing the necessary insight and analysis are now even more in demand’ says Lance Tomlinson, Assurance Leader Africa at audit and consulting firm EY, until recently known as Ernst & Young. “But interestingly enough it  the demands on a CFO are also not…


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Shahied Daniels, Chief Executive SAIPA: IFRS and tax form the base

“The base for any Professional Accountant’s career is knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Taxation,” says Shahied Daniels, Chief Executive at the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA). The organisation that Daniels leads , with more than 10,000 members, most of them Professional Accountants, tax specialists and other finance experts that service small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

“SAIPA turned 30 years old last…


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