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I came to finance less by design and more by default

“I am operationally focused and have good attention to detail and follow up. If there is a problem I determine immediately what the issue is and address and follow up with management and hold them accountable,” says Melanie Chong,…


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Learn from those ahead of you, says Central Bank of Swaziland’s Philile Nxumalo

Philile Nxumalo, GM: Finance, Central Bank of Swaziland, wanted to study Fine Arts, though her father persuaded her to rather pursue a BCom, like her twin brother. Good thing he did, as she’s enjoyed a successful career in finance and finds herself constantly challenged by the fast pace and rapidly changing landscape. “I like the aspects of my job where…


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Meet Till Streichert (Vodacom), winner of three awards at the CFO Awards 2017

For his executive role in ensuring ongoing success at telecoms behemoth Vodacom, CFO Till Streichert received three awards at this year’s CFO Awards, held on 11 May at Summer Place, Johannesburg. Till walked away with the most coveted award – CFO of the Year – as well as the…


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A good CFO maintains discipline in the organisation, says Mike Benfield of Macsteel Service Centres SA

“I want people to think logically about the business and pose questions to effect change. People must be challenged and held accountable to achieve the business’s objectives,” says Mike Benfield, Group CFO of Macsteel Service Centres South Africa.” Benfield, who has been in his post for 18 months, has enjoyed a successful and diverse career that has seen him occupy finance…


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Lead by example, says AFGRI's Johan Geel

AFGRI CFO Johan Geel sees massive potential on the continent for the food industry, as long as the approach is correct. He says: “Find trustworthy people, work with the correct information, do proper research, go there and make sure of things yourself – don’t stay away. Johan has been nominated for the CFO Awards in both 2016 and 2017, an impressive double-whammy…


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Effective CFOs know their business, says Standard Bank's Sean Berrington

"In the early days of the Group IT transformation it became clear that, unless the finance team transformed as well, we would become irrelevant. As a result, we needed to radically relook at how we run our staff engagement and processes," says Sean Berrington, CFO for Group IT at Standard Bank. Sean has been the finance boss of a “billion-dollar IT…


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A CFO understands the entire business, says PRP Solutions CFO Hiten Keshave

“I believe in four aspects of a leader: commitment, appreciation, respect, and trust. If you put the first letter of each of those words together it spells CART. A cart has four wheels and those form part of the carriage of a company and a team going forward. If I have those four aspects to my team, I believe we’ll be successful together,” says Hiten Keshave, CFO…


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Be proactive about risk, says Kiran Kumar, Finance Head for Africa at Wipro Technologies

Originally, from Bangalore, India, Wipro Technologies’ Kiran Kumar, has been living in South Africa for close to five years, initially sent here to reinvent the company’s processes and controls. He was elevated to head of finance towards the second half of last year, though he still shoulders the responsibilities of his previous role as finance controller. “I enjoy the visibility…


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Experience things outside your comfort zone, says Monash South Africa's Alvin Liew

Alvin Liew, Acting CFO of Monash South Africa  grew up and was educated in Malaysia, completing his articles in Australia. He came to South Africa on an assignment with Laureate Education, the largest private network of higher education providers in the world, which has a global network of more than 70 higher education…


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Good CFOs know their strengths, says Damain Matroos, SacOil CFO

“We need to be careful that we don’t make the mistake when going into the rest of Africa of thinking that we have better skills and expertise than others on the continent. This superiority complex will set us up for failure. The fundamental thing is, if you try to exploit the other African jurisdictions to the benefit of South Africa, you’ll come unstuck,” says Damain…


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Find strength in diversity, says Refilwe Nkabinde, BCX CFO

Four powerful women – a mother, a grandmother, an accounting teacher and a career mentor – helped Refilwe Nkabinde to become BCX CFO at age 37. She spoke to CFO South Africa about her remarkable journey. “I feel equipped with all the tools I need to be a…


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The CFO must be a voice of reason in the boardroom, says Frencel Gillion, CFO of KTH

“What makes me able to do this job is a strong understanding of the business, its operations and risk, as well as fundamentally accepting the need to grow the business,” says Frencel Gillion, CFO of Kagiso Tiso Holdings (KTH). “I think a CFO should have a strong grasp of the numbers but also be able to intuit what is happening within the…


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Education equals success: Mervyn Coopen, FD of Strato IT Group

“Education is more important than anything else and will take us to the next level. I believe that helping to educate the masses in our country is a good and very necessary thing,” says Strato IT Group’s financial director, Mervyn Coopen. “Because education is often a key differentiator between you and success. I place emphasis on that and carry…


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A balancing act: Shafeeq Abrahams, CFO of the NHBRC

As CFO for the National Homebuilders Registration Council (NHBRC), Shafeeq Abrahams has to juggle a lot of balls, and appease various stakeholders. Complicating matters, he says, is the fact that the entity has a…


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What makes a good CFO? Narriman Taliep, V&A Waterfront CFO, shares her views

Narriman Taliep, CFO at Cape Town’s bustling V&A Waterfront, believes that modern CFOs need to embrace and get on top of technology: “For me, this is the future. It's a necessity, not a luxury. So, the question is, which aspects of the technology do you take on now, and how do you manage it?”

  • This interview is…

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How to turn finance turnaround - Coca Cola Beverages FD Walter Leonhardt

In July 2016, ABI merged with Coca-Cola and local bottler SABCO into the new entity Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa – and Walter Leonhardt, ABI financial director, had his transformative work cut out for him once again. In this interview, we speak to Walter about what it takes to…


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Marius Bierman returns to WE Wearne as CFO

Marius Bierman CA(SA) has returned to the CFO seat he held from December 2011 to December 2013, as finance head for WE Wearne, a company that produces construction materials.

During his hiatus between these two roles, Bierman was first GM of Finance for Caxton, a position he filled for little over a year before taking the plunge into the…


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Lee-Anne de Bruin appointed new Resolute CFO

Lee-Anne de Bruin has been appointed CFO of Africa and Australia-focused gold miner Resolute Mining, effective 27 February 2017. She leaves her post as the regional CFO in Australia for Newmont Mining. Prior to this role she was head of project function for BHP Billiton.

Although she has been working in Australia since mid-2009, De Bruin…


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CFO Awards 2017 line-up wows

“For me as a proud CFO it is a very touching experience being nominated and I feel quite privileged. To be acknowledged for one’s work is not an often-done thing in the world today. One works very hard but to get acknowledged is not easy,” says Rajesh Mahabeer (pictured), CFO of SANParks, one of the 25 nominees for this year’s CFO Awards.

The annual 'Oscars for South…


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Knowledge is power, says NCR CFO Ayanda Mafuleka

“Everything I do is informed by risk. At any given time, we try to manage risk – be it business, financial or other. The NCR’s approach is that it takes risk management very seriously,” says Ayanda Mafuleka, chief financial officer of the National Credit Regulator (NCR), which falls under the Department of Trade and Industry (dti).…


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