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To the gold at the end of the rainbow: Mqondisi Gumede dazzles at #findaba17

What if we could achieve major economic growth in a single generation? What if a lack of good education or even rampant corruption were not barriers to this growth?

What if our accepted version of African history – with all the bad news and cautionary tales stitched into the narrative – were a blip in the real history of the continent; a discourse…


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The CFOs versus the machine: futurist Graeme Codrington gets into it

Many CFOs worry that machines and robots may affect their jobs in the near future. Futurist Graeme Codrington, strategy consultant at TomorrowToday Global, believes they’re right to have this concern. Thus, CFOs need to partner with machines to make the most of the new world of work – and…


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Trend update 2017: Futurist Craig Wing chats populism, bitcoin & long knives

At the turn of the year, futurist Craig Wing wrote a piece where he postulated an increase in three seemingly unconnected developments all aligned with the central tenant of trust and transparency in a connected world. As we approach the middle of the year, Craig has updated it, adding local context particularly within the changing…


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Banking must adapt to be future-fit, says futurist Keith Coats

In order to meet the demands embedded in the future, banking will need to adapt. It will need to change the way things are done and bring the delivery closer to the rhetoric. In short, banks will need to rethink their traditional business models completely. Futurist Keith Coats, director at…


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Futurist Craig Wing: Forces to watch out for in 2017

With the festivities of the new year now passed, we tend to reflect on the madness that was 2016. Undoubtedly, globally we will remember BREXIT and the election of President Trump as arguably two of the most “shocking” global events; events which left many of the “experts” reeling after their failed predictions. Herein…


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Executives should be ready for multiple possible futures, says Dr Morne Mostert

“It seems that many executives continue to make decisions not only based on the past but even in the interest of the past or in its defence,” writes Dr Morne Mostert, Director of the Institute for Futures Research at Stellenbosch University. According to him, “the intellectual agility to engage simultaneously with multiple possible futures is highly likely to increase as a…


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Mavericks, freaks and geeks: Martijn Aslander about attitudes for a changing world - #findaba16

We’ll never again have economic growth like we have known before, says Martijn Aslander. And that’s okay...

By Kate Ferreira

Speaking at the Finance Indaba Africa on 14 October 2016, Martijn – author and co-founder of Amsterdam-Connected – put forward a…


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As a leader, are you a router or a firewall, asks Futurist Craig Wing

“Leaders are sometimes unable to act. They stand frozen with too much information. But in today’s world you need to be able to act fast. In the context of how quickly the world is moving, you cannot wait for new information and rest on your laurels. The next big thing will be for leaders to act on imperfect information,” says Craig Wing, partner at…


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"Keep doing what your're doing & you'll fail" - Keith Coats

"As you look to the future, the surest way to fail in tomorrow's world is to continue doing what you're doing today." So says Keith Coats, founding partner of TomorrowToday Global, an international consultancy that focuses on the future of leadership, global trends, strategy,…


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