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Sustainability – why CFOs should care

"Companies are now required by governments and stock exchanges to be transparent about their sustainability performance for all stakeholders, including investors, to see and evaluate," writes Stephane Bello, Executive VP and CFO at Thomson Reuters.

As stewards of capital, today’s CFOs have a unique opportunity to oversee…


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“Bankers of the future will be developers, designers and risk modelling people,” says N26 CEO, Valentin Stalf

Banking is like Formula One, says Valentin Stalf, co-founder and CEO of mobile bank N26. This observation came a day after Valentin returned from the famous Monza race track north of Milan in Italy, where N26 was invited as the Fast Companies Series partner by British Formula One racing team, Manor Racing. “Of course, it was very cool to see our logo there,…


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Simplifying M&A deals: ansarada MD Arie Maree explains

While African M&A continues to rise, it seems that information security remains a major barrier to closing deals. Research conducted by ansarada found that 71 percent of CFOs involved in M&A deals have experienced increased risk and delay due to a loss of information or a security breach. This includes a…


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Stay curious to be relevant in 2020, says CFO SA's Graham Fehrsen

Artificial intelligence (AI) already has the ability to read, write, present and take on a physical presence, all with alarming intelligent and coherent patterns. By 2020, a bot might write this piece, moderate a panel at a CFO Summit, and deliver outstanding insights to you, the finance professional, across multiple platforms. If…


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Banking must adapt to be future-fit, says futurist Keith Coats

In order to meet the demands embedded in the future, banking will need to adapt. It will need to change the way things are done and bring the delivery closer to the rhetoric. In short, banks will need to rethink their traditional business models completely. Futurist Keith Coats, director at…


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Cost, risk and digital are top priorities in uncertain times, says Deloitte

A need for increased profitability in a low-growth domestic economy and increased global uncertainty are pushing chief procurement officers (CPOs) to add more value to their organisations. Defensive strategies being implemented by CFOs are demanding rapid,…


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Five building blocks of radically improved external reports

In recent decades, voluminous and increasingly complex quarterly and annual reports have lost much of their relevance for their primary users: investors. In their book, The End of Accounting, Baruch Lev and Feng Gu empirically prove that the relevance of accounting…


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Second edition of the CFO Case Study Competition now underway

Global entries for the 2017 and second edition of The CFO Case Study Competition closed on 31 March, with over 1,500 entries received – surpassing the 2016 edition by some 20 percent.


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Save money and create value? Property-savvy CFOs share insights and knowhow

On Tuesday evening, a small group of leading CFOs gathered for an exclusive dinner on one of the most exclusive pieces of real estate in Johannesburg: The Four Seasons Hotel, Westcliff. Given the complex relationship most large businesses have with property, it was an evening of far-ranging and sometimes unexpected…


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Real empowerment remains elusive, says IRBA’s top brass

“More focus should be given to long-term career prospects, including equity partnerships and senior management and executive responsibility. Transformation is not about the de-racialisation of the overall profession; it is about financial inclusion, ownership and access to markets and opportunity,” says Bernard Agulhas (pictured), CEO of the Independent…


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Fiscal prudence needed in SA, says Deloitte in its latest report

South Africa’s economy continues to be stifled by weak growth on one side and the need for fiscal consolidation on the other. So says Deloitte in its recently published Global Economic Outlook Q1, 2017, which features a section on the South African economy titled ‘South Africa: In a tight spot’.

“A major reason behind the region’s decelerating growth is the slowdown in its two largest…


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Nkonki trainees achieve 92% pass rate on APC exam

Leading black-owned assurance and advisory services firm Nkonki has confirmed that it achieved a national pass rate of 92% for its candidates writing the second part of the Assessment Professional Competence (APC) exam, with its Sunninghill office achieving a pass rate of 100%. Both are considerably higher than the average…


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Saving money AND future-proofing your real estate: JLL partners with CFO SA

Financial and professional services firm JLL, which specialises in commercial real estate services and investment management, is on a drive to get to know CFOs in 2017. To do this they have partnered with CFO South Africa, and will be sponsoring the CFO Summit and the annual CFO Awards. They will also host two intimate dinners for top CFOs to discuss the challenges…


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Important ethics questions to ask prospective employers

An organisation’s ethical credentials and values are an important factor in their ability to attract and retain talent. But it’s not easy for candidates to get a handle on organisational culture from the outside. Assessing whether an employer can offer an environment conducive to ethical practices is a crucial part of the decision-making process,…


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Deloitte: third party governance and risk management matures

As dependence on third parties becomes increasingly critical, organisations are being compelled to rapidly “catch-up” in enhancing the maturity of their Third Party Governance and Risk Management (TPGRM) processes. This, according to Deloitte’s 2016 global survey on the subject.

Pictured right: Dean Chivers, Risk…


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Terrorist financing and FICA: KPMG's Tersia Rossouw explains the latest amendments

As far as terrorist financing goes, research indicates that there are at least four primary types:

  • illegal activity, such as drug trafficking, smuggling and extortion
  • legal activity;
  • state sponsorship, as in the case of Iran and Syria;
  • and popular support, such as…

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Women and success: Roy Clark chats to top CFOs Mary Vilakazi and Jo Pohl - #findaba16

Two vibrant women, Jo Pohl and Mary Vilakazi, whose dynamism and energy radiates throughout the room, sat down with Roy Clark from Clarkhouse Human Capital and discussed their views on women and success. To say it was inspiring is an understatement – these two women shared such powerful…


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AAT (SA): The professional home for accounting technicians

“The Association of Accounting Technicians South Africa [AAT (SA)] adds value where CFOs and strategic people need to make decisions. If you get the work right at support staff level there are less errors, the quality of financial statements should be better, you should see shorter month-end periods and cleaner audits,” says Nadine Kater, General Manager of…


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KPMG’s Shirley Ivason-Wagener cautions against technology-enabled fraud

More sophisticated and data-driven processes within business operations come with increased online activity and agility on the part of employees, though consideration must be given to the fact that with this increased online activity is increased potential risk to the business –particularly the growing occurrence of technology-enabled…


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Five top trends in finance and technology from KPMG’s Frank Rizzo

What are the five hottest tech trends that finance teams should be aware of? Frank Rizzo is revealing all during a thought-provoking presentation at the Finance Indaba Africa (13 October 13.30 - 14.15  in Ballroom 4 of the Sandton…


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