Capital & Regional Plc: Charles Staveley

Charles Staveley has been the Group Finance Director of Capital & Regional Plc since 1 October 2008.

Charles Staveley joined Capital & Regional in 2007 and was appointed Group Finance Director in October 2008. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant (SA) with Arthur Andersen. Before joining Capital & Regional he held senior finance roles with Colt Telecommunications, Novar Plc, and Textron Inc. He has is a board member for the Snozone business. 

2008 – Present    Group Finance Director, Capital & Regional Plc
2008 – Present    Director, Snozone Holdings Ltd
2008 – Present    Director, Ppcr Investments Ltd
2008 – Present    Director, Ashley Centre GP Ltd
2008 – Present    Director, Alhambra Ltd
2008 – 2013         Director, Second Unitholder Junction Ltd
2007 – 2008         Deputy Finance Director, Capital & Regional Plc
2005 – 2007         Head: Tax and Treasury, Colt Telecommunications

                                CA (SA), Arthur Andersen

About Capital & Regional Plc: Capital & Regional (JSE: CRP) is a UK-focused specialist property REIT with a strong record of delivering value enhancing retail and leisure asset management opportunities across a £1billion portfolio of in-town dominant community shopping centres. They invest, manage and enhance retail property through the creation of dynamic environments tailored to the local communities. 

In 2017, Capital & Regional reported a revenue of £89.2 million with nine directors, 45 group employees, 84 wholly-owned assets employees and 257 Snozone employees.