AEP Energy Africa: Kevin Simons

Kevin Simons has been the chief financial officer of AEP Energy Africa since April 2017.

Kevin Simons began his career after his articles as the senior manager of finance at Nambiti Consulting, before becoming an independent consultant for Arcay Moela and EOH. 

In 2009 he founded Simons and Maggs Consulting, which provided financial management and corporate finance services to inter alia, Government, Abacus, SAB&T and MTN. He also served as the head of finance for Abacus Advisory until 2012, when he joined Sasol Group as the finance manager. He was responsible for Sasol Group Services, Sasol Energy, Sasol OIl, Sasol Chemicals, a number of international group holding and finance companies, as well as special projects such as Sasol’s gas processing and pipeline facilities in Mozambique and South Africa, and the proposed GTL in Louisiana, USA. 

In 2015 he was appointed as the manager of governance and special projects for Sasol Energy. 

He currently serves as a non-executive director for Enabliq Group and the chief financial officer for both Destiny Corporation Management Services and AEP Energy Africa. He also serves on the Board of Directors for both of these companies and is a member of the executive committee of AEP.

2017 - Present    Chief Financial Officer, AEP Energy Africa
2017 - Present    Chief Financial Officer, Destiny Corporation Management Services
2015 - Present    Non-Executive Director, Enabliq Group
2015 - 2017         Manager of Governance and Special Projects, Sasol Energy
2012 - 2015         Finance Manager, Sasol Group
2011 - 2012         Head of Finance, Abacus Advisory
2011 - 2012         CEO, Simons and Associates
2009 - 2012         Founder, Simons and Maggs Consulting
                               Independent Consultant, EOH
                               Independent Consultant, Arcay Moela
                               Senior Manager of Finance, Nambiti Consulting
1998 - 2000         Auditor, Arthur Andersen

Education            CA(SA)  
                              B.Com Hons (RAU), Accounting, UNISA

About AEP Energy Africa: AEP’s primary intent is to own and operate a variety of clean energy facilities across the African continent. Their vision is to significantly improve the quality of African lives by increasing access to and the use of clean energy.