TeleMasters Holdings: Brandon Topham

Brandon Topham has been the Executive Financial Director of TeleMasters Holdings since 1 March 2018.

Brandon Topham is a Chartered Accountant (SA) and Lawyer. He also serves as a Member of Parliament. He has a wide range of experience with businesses and was active in local government as a City Councillor from 2006 to 2015. He sits on various company boards in both Executive and Non-Executive role and plays a specific role on the audit committees and on company strategy. He has received the designation of CD(SA) by the Institute of Directors. He has a B.Compt Honours from UNISA. He was CFO of TeleMasters Holdings from 2006 to 2017. He was appointed Executive Financial Director in March 2018.

2018 – Present    Executive Financial Director, TeleMasters Holdings Ltd
2017 – Present    Non-Executive Director, TeleMasters Holdings Ltd
2015 – Present    Member of Parliament, Parliament of RSA
2013 – 2015         Financial Director, Tau Mining
2012 – 2016         Director, TAG Plastics
2011 – 2014         Chief Executive Officer, TAG Employee Fund Administrators
2011 – 2013         Non-Executive Director, Chairman of Audit Committee, 1Time                                    Holdings Ltd
2011 – 2013         Trustee, Chairman for the Fund, PPS Retirement Annuity Fund
2010 – Present    Non-Executive Director, Chairman of Audit Committee,                                                  Ecsponent Holdings Ltd
2009 – Present    Managing Director, TAF Business Advisors Ltd
2009 – 2011         Chairman, Gauteng North Region, Democratic Alliance
2007 – Present    Non-Executive Director, Chairman of the Board, SEESA (Pty) Ltd 
2007 – Present    Non-Executive Trustee, Director of Subsidiary, PPS Holdings                                        Trust
2007 – 2013         Trustee, PPS Beneficiaries Trust
2007 – 2011         Director, Girls Best Friend
2006 – 2017         Chief Financial Officer, TeleMasters Holdings Ltd
2006 – 2015         City Councillor, Tshwane Metropolitan Council
2006 – 2010         Ad-Hoc Inspector of Financial Institutions, Financial Services                                      Board
2005 – Present    Proprietor, Brandon Tropham Attorneys
2004 – Present    Managing Director, TAG Consulting
2004 – 2008         Financial Director, Company Secretary, Breform Ltd
2003 – 2007         Non-Executive Director, 1Time Airline
2001 – 2005         Director, Paris Incorporated Attorneys
2000 – 2000         Manager: Deloitte Forensic Services, Deloitte
1999 – 2004         Director, TAG Chartered Accountants Inc
1998 – 1999         Candidate Attorney, Malan & van Wyk Attorneys
1991 – 1995         Trainee Accountant, Audit Manager, BDO Spencer Steward (SA)

1990 – 2004         B.Compt Hons, B.Proc, Post Graduation Certificate in Advanced                                  Taxation, LLM, CTA, Accounting, Auditing, Tax, Law, UNISA
1982 – 1988         Matric, Hillview High 

About TeleMasters Holdings Ltd: TeleMasters has over 20 years in the telecommunications services industry and listed on JSE on 12 March 2007. TeleMasters delivers full telecommunication connectivity voice services across South Africa to SMEs and enterprise clients. They acquired full ICASA, ECS and ECNS telecommunication licenses and carry all types to all destinations. 

They also offer an internationally acclaimed hosted PBX solution that replaces on-site legacy PBX equipment. Their services also encompass a partnership with specialist utility auditors Expectra, which audit telecommunication misuse and inefficiencies.

TeleMasters reported a revenue of R120.628 million in 2017.