Zuma says SA must work harder in 2016


In his New Year's message to the citizens of South Africa, President Jacob Zuma said that while progress has been made in various aspects, such as student funding, medical care, social grants and international participation, among other sectors, "more hard work awaits us all in 2016 as challenges still remain".

President Zuma said:

"Our goal is to build a South Africa where economic opportunities increase for all and not just a few, and where inequality, poverty and unemployment become a thing of the past. In this regard, the pursuit of economic transformation will continue. We have to work further in 2016 to achieve broader and more meaningful black economic empowerment and participation in the economy. This will ensure long-term economic development as well as unity, healing and reconciliation in our country."

Zuma urged labour and business to "work with government closely" to create an enabling environment for inclusive growth and job creation. He said government focus areas will include those highlighted in the 2015 State of the Nation Address and the Nine-Point Plan, and that government will continue to explore opportunities in agriculture, mining, small business development, energy, growing the country's ocean economy, transport, water and sanitation, and telecommunications.

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