Press Release: Caseware Africa continues to expand with Caseware IDEA®


Caseware IDEA® empowers finance professionals to turn their data into insights.

Following on from the 2020 launch of Caseware IDEA® - the powerful comprehensive data analysis solution – Caseware Africa, a division of Adapt IT, has announced the expansion of Caseware IDEA® to the Southern Africa market for internal audit, governance, risk, compliance and gathering insights.

The solution – designed by audit, data, and finance experts - provides for advanced analytical functionalities, a powerful data processing engine and the ability to process large volumes of data that empowers professionals to turn their data into insights and optimise their operations. “As organisations continue to enhance their business technologies and the quality of their data, any Internal Auditor, CEO, CFO, FD, and FM is now provided with the opportunity to deliver even higher value through the power of data analytics,” says Caseware Africa assurance product manager Christiaan Steyn.

Caseware IDEA® data analytics equips professionals with the ability to transform financial audits, IT audits, operations, governance, and fraud risk management. Every day, over 500,000 global finance professionals rely on Caseware IDEA® to gather deeper insights and make more informed business decisions. “Leaders depend on Caseware IDEA® to help them manage their businesses more efficiently in a timely, cost-effective, and automated manner - whether it is to support internal audit, governance, managing risk, compliance or streamlining operations,” notes Christiaan.

Caseware IDEA® empowers finance professionals with significant time savings and the ability to focus their attention to where it is needed most by helping them to:

  • Connect and use data from a diverse set of sources.
  • Process large volumes of data with ease.
  • Generate insights from both financial and non-financial datasets.
  • Analyse 100 percent of transactions, regardless of type, volume, or location in less time.
  • Prioritize areas with elevated risk.
  • Deliver better audit coverage and assurance.
  • Easily identify anomalies.
  • Quickly identify suspicious or fraudulent transactions.
  • Improve operations, compliance initiatives and internal audit reputation.
  • Become trusted advisors within their organisation.

“Caseware has been a market leader for over a quarter of a century, helping accountants and auditors to automate compliance. With Caseware IDEA®, finance professionals across professional practice, corporate and government are better enabled to leverage the power of their data, whether it is from their accounting platform or ERP, their HR system or any operational data source and system that is used to manage the business. Given the ever-increasing volume of data within organisations, the onus on data management and the key role that data is playing in digital transformation, it is now more important than ever for firms to implement and take advantage of a robust data analytics solution.” Christiaan concludes.