Press release: Are you looking for business efficiency in the right place?


On the edge of your core system is where you’ll find new areas for improvement and integration.

The Edge isn’t just a guitarist from the 90s – the edge is also the place where you can build efficiency in a business. On the edge of your core system is where you’ll find new areas for improvement and integration, and activities to optimise and automate. Analysis that looks outside your software will expose new ways for people and systems to work in harmony.

Businesses will often take on processes that exist in their software without considering that high-value resources are completing mundane tasks in the system, or that there are still ineffective activities occurring outside the system. Furthermore, systems that may have served them well in the past may now be outdated and resource heavy.

For the past 30 years, SynergERP has been assisting clients to improve their business operations through the adoption of the best technology. “What we find at clients is that some of their business processes are unwieldy and compounding that, there are several manual tasks required to complete a process,” says Ashley Regenass, CEO at SynergERP.

Real world examples
When working on process optimisation, SynergERP sets out to understand the end-to-end processes in a client’s business. By analysing the interaction between employees and systems, it is possible to identify where tasks are leading to duplication of effort or where there are gaps in the process, leading to errors and mistakes.

A comprehensive review of business processes is required to shine a light on these inefficiencies.

What could be more costly to a business than avoidable delays? Consider that individuals may be completing tasks and storing files on their laptops, which delays the next step in a process if they are not available to provide the relevant data.

After evaluating an end-to-end process, SynergERP’s clients have often found that there is an entirely different way to approach a task.

Where to start?
Look for the bottlenecks and the manual processes in your business. Process optimisation and automation are used to reduce mundane tasks and improve speed, so evaluate the tasks that are the most time-consuming. And don’t forget to look outside your system!

Moving data between multiple systems may be a time waster you haven’t considered.

When evaluating processes in the business you should also consider how your current ERP software is serving you. Although custom integrations can be created between most systems, these can attract high development costs and be difficult to manage long term. So, to achieve continuous improvement and adopt new technology that will come in the future, evaluate how flexible and scalable your current ERP software is.

Working smarter with automation
After ensuring that a client’s process is correct, SynergERP may introduce a bot (robotic process automation) as a type of automated personal assistant, to do mundane tasks such as downloading files from the bank and importing the data into the financial system.

Integrations and automation can also be used to link several best-of-breed systems. For example, a client’s in-house system may be linked to an external supplier system, to track the delivery of stock on a purchase order. This integration ensures that the customer-facing employees always have up-to-date information.

Modern cloud-based ERPs are open and flexible which simplifies integrations and automation. When an interface is not available to connect systems, the SynergERP team use their SynergAutomate solution to build integrations quickly and cost-effectively – unlike development-heavy integrations of the past. Because of the low-code, no-code design these integrations are easy for clients to take over and manage.

These are just a few of the many optimisations SynergERP’s clients have benefited from, but they reveal the many different areas where processes may be improved and how software and automations can be made to work for you.

Let’s work together
With SynergERP as your partner, you can be the financial trailblazer in your business.

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Feel the impact of increased efficiencies
So why should you invest the time to do process analysis and investigate technology enhancements? The improvements gained from building more efficient operations ensure that employees can be more productive – giving them back time to focus on the strategic activities which are more fruitful.

Ultimately, a more productive workforce contributes to enhanced customer service, with customers enjoying a more streamlined engagement with the business and having access to the correct information, at the correct time.

In summary, to create a digital symphony in your business, ensure you have optimised processes and a modern, flexible core system– but don’t forget the acoustic guitarist on the edge!