Press release: Mastering the art of financial prediction


Infor’s Coleman AI Platform enables organisations to obtain a higher level of valid and reliable financial prediction.

In economically uncertain times and beyond, mastering the art of financial prediction is not only good for business, but also crucial for survival. To obtain the highest level of valid and reliable financial prediction the most advanced technology needs to be employed.

This is why Infor has worked tirelessly on solutions that offer cutting edge technology for all businesses to take advantage of. Solutions such as Infor’s Coleman AI Platform which mines data and uses advanced machine learning to improve processes such as financial prediction.

How Infor’s Coleman AI drives prediction in finance
Infor’s Coleman AI platform, named after Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson, utilises operationalised artificial intelligence (AI). Specialised algorithms are expertly employed for enhanced operations, higher levels of success, and increased profit. One of the most unique and specialised features of this AI technology is that it is specifically geared to ensure that there is little to no AI bias.

This platform offers highly customisable features. Organisations can use Coleman AI in a way that is industry-specific and geared towards their own business’ needs. This allows business leaders to gain invaluable insight and visibility into the specific data that is necessary for financial prediction and decision making. With this information at hand, decision makers can optimise and adjust for better operational and financial outcomes.

Infor’s Coleman AI platform enables all businesses to master the art of financial prediction and to take full advantage of this platform in two powerful ways:

  1. The platform is cloud based, which is a crucial function within today’s increasingly remote workforce. This ensures that data is available in real-time from anywhere, allowing for swift detection and immediate informed decision making and action.
  2. The platform is exceptionally user friendly. This design enables businesses that have a high level of technical understanding, as well as those who have little to no real technical understanding to utilise and leverage the platform for success.

Mastering financial prediction
Infor’s Coleman AI platform effectively employs advanced AI software to leverage business success. There are key elements to this platform that really make it stand out above the rest. From its conversational nature (which makes it easier to work with and it cuts down time to task expenditure), to its high level of augmentation and automation, it offers invaluable advice around crucial decisions based on real-time data. With Infor’s Coleman AI platform any business can truly master the art of financial prediction.

By Paul Bouchier, sales director at iOCO, within iOCO Software Distribution, an Infor Gold Partner