Press release: Workday accelerates customer time-to-value with new Workday Extend capabilities


New app development features help businesses drive more value from their existing Workday investment.

Workday Inc., a leader in enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, today announced new capabilities in Workday Extend—a solution that helps customers and partners seamlessly extend beyond core Workday applications to meet their unique business needs. New orchestration, data, and logic capabilities within Workday Extend will help organizations advance their digital acceleration efforts and unlock new business value, improve employee engagement, and increase organizational agility.

Increase Organizational Agility With Deep Extensibility
Organizational speed is a must-have, requiring businesses to move with agility and quickly adapt to change. Every company has its own unique digital processes and transactions, yet today many organizations are forced to move finance and HR data outside of the core system to connect these processes and integrate with third-party systems, adding complexity, cost, and risk.

Workday Extend empowers the Workday customer community—representing over 50 million workers globally—to quickly and confidently build new apps that run within Workday core applications. With new capabilities and functionality, Workday Extend enables higher-value apps that increase employee engagement, streamline experiences, and optimize business processes while securely connecting Workday data to third-party systems. This deep extensibility uniquely keeps the context of data, process flow, user experience, and security in place to deliver enhanced app experiences, unlike systems that run outside of Workday or that only offer general purpose functions. Those systems require re-building integrations, rationalizing user interfaces and security, and then synchronizing separate copies of the same data. Now with Workday Extend, customers simplify the IT stack and keep finance and HR data more secure so that organizations can optimize their existing technology investment with minimal risk.

Drive Rapid Innovation For Higher-Value App Experiences
With new Workday Orchestrate, now included with a Workday Extend subscription, app developers have the ability to orchestrate finance and people processes across Workday and third-party systems. These orchestrations are built visually using Orchestration Builder—a drag-and-drop user interface that provides guided, simplified low-code developer experiences to define logic, map data, and perform transformations.

With this added functionality, Workday Extend helps foster an even more connected, adaptable, and extensible Workday that enables organizations to innovate faster to address their specific needs and accelerate time-to-value. Customers also benefit from:

  • Faster Development of New Digital Business Capabilities. Workday Extend leverages the Workday core architectural principles and makes it possible for businesses to rapidly and deeply extend Workday data and processes. In addition, the Workday Extend app catalog offers a curated list of app templates and reference apps that address common business scenarios and are ready for immediate configuration and deployment. Customers using Workday Extend have achieved up to a 75 percent reduction in application development effort—accelerating development from months to weeks—over alternate technologies.
  • Reduced Complexity and Costs. With Workday Extend, IT teams can eliminate the need for a patchwork of app development and deployment platforms, workflow and integration tools, and management systems for building new apps and employee experiences. This enables them to reduce technology stack complexity and costs, unlocking more capacity to deliver to the business.
  • Greater Confidence. Customers using Workday Extend are able to have greater confidence knowing that the apps they develop are on the global, trusted Workday Enterprise Management Cloud, minimizing the security and privacy risks associated with moving data outside of Workday to a separate system.

Comments on the News
“Our global customers need technologies that support a business-first approach—the kind that differentiates them, future-proofs their existing investments, and drives innovative new ways to do business,” said Jim Stratton, chief technology officer at Workday. “Workday Extend helps to close the acceleration gap that exists between IT needs and capacity, so companies can confidently and securely keep up with the growing pace of change.”

“We have developed and deployed full Workday Extend apps within a few weeks, thanks to our team's familiarity with Workday technology and trust in their governance model,” says Eric Chung, director of HR technology at Innovation, Sun Life. “App development with Workday is fast and secure given our ability to reuse established data structures and design patterns.”

“Using Workday Extend, we were able to build an employee self-service stock app that has helped us streamline the stock enrollment process and reduce stock option-related queries for the finance team,” said Krishna Gundihithlu, manager of people tecchnology at Netflix. “Having the ability to leverage the security and privacy controls within Workday’s trusted enterprise management cloud enables us to confidently spin up new apps like this to meet our unique needs and drive more value from our Workday investment.”

“Workday Extend, featuring the new Workday Orchestrate and data and logic capabilities, sets a new trajectory for the company as it opens up Workday to help clients accelerate their digital transformation journey,” said Mickey North Rizza, program vice president of enterprise applications and digital commerce at IDC. “Extending the value of Workday people and finance data and processes for customers and partners alike is the goal, and with today’s announcement, Workday has delivered.”