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Lesley Plaistowe, Partner Financial Services at IBM: CFOs should mine their unstructured data

“CFOs are very familiar with structured data, because that is what they work with every day,” says Lesley Plaistowe, Partner Financial Services at technology firm IBM. “What they need to know more about is unstructured data: information from phone conversations, emails, social platforms, the weather report and much more. Often a lot of operational data is hidden, but can be found when technology mines your unstructured data.”…


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Anoj Singh – CFO Transnet: “The CFO is playing the role of Chief Strategy Officer”

Transnet is the largest and most crucial part of the freight logistics chain that delivers goods to each and every South African. The company is fully owned by the South African government but operates as a corporate entity aimed at both supporting and contributing to the country’s freight logistics network. It aims at developing South African industry, reducing the cost of doing business, while at the same time operating…


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Johan Burger – CFO FirstRand Limited: "Fix problems that don’t exist here"

South African banks face challenging times, says Johan Burger, CFO of FirstRand Limited.  “We are now faced with regulatory changes that have been driven by issues emanating from the past, which played out in global markets, but not necessarily in our home market. In many cases these changes will be a challenge to implement in South Africa, as they seek to fix problems that don’t exist here.”

Listed on JSE since its founding in 1998, FirstRand Limited is one of the largest…


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Sean Capazorio – CFO Aspen: "Plan your work and work your plan"

“Plan your work and work your plan.” That is one of the things Sean Capazorio needs to do every day to feel fulfilled in his work. In 2009 Sean was appointed Group CFO of Aspen, the leading pharmaceuticals manufacturer in the Southern hemisphere as well as Africa’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer. The company was listed on the JSE Ltd in 1998 and is included in its Top 40 Index.  The Aspen Group has almost 6500 employees, of which nearly 3000 are based in South Africa. The…


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Rudolph Torlage - CFO ArcelorMittal: "From the score keeper to a business partner and key member of strategy"

“The role model in my life? My personal assistant Annatjie: she is always positive and encourages me when I’m down.” Meet Rudolph Henry Torlage, the Chief Financial Officer of South Africa’s leading steel producer ArcelorMittal. Why don’t all CFOs value their PA’s as much as Rudolph, we wonder.

Rudolph’s impressive list of titles read as follows: BAcc (Stellenbosch) BCom Hons (Accounting) (UNISA) CTA (UNISA) CA (SA) MDP. Prior to his appointment as CFO of ArcelorMittal in…


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Tryphosa Ramano – CFO PPC: "Always be up to date on risk management"

“In the past companies never forecasted on corporate governance – now with the financial crisis people realize that forecasting is key.” A lot has changed for the modern CFO, according to Tryphosa Ramano, CFO of PPC; leading supplier of cement in southern Africa. Tryphosa qualified as a Chartered Accountant (SA) in 1994 and since then has gained experience working in a number of organisations including: Price Waterhouse Coopers, JCI, RMB Asset Managers, National Treasury, SAA and…


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Mohammed Abdool-Samad – CFO Illovo: "The greatest challenge is the pace of recovery of the global market"

“My biggest achievement so far is a 7bn BEE transaction in the Coal industry, which took 3 years to complete.” His most valued achievement on behalf of Illovo Sugar Ltd. will follow soon, most likely. As of Sept. 2011, Mohammed Abdool-Samad was appointed Financial Director at Illovo, replacing Karin Zarnack, who was appointed CFO at Unilever South Africa.


Mohammed has held senior positions within the Anglo American group since 2001. He holds a BCom degree and…


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Nkosemntu Nika – CFO PetroSA: "I love how my job is not routine"

PetroSA is South Africa's national oil company. It owns, operates and manages South Africa's petroleum industry commercial assets. The company was formed in January 2002 from the merger of three previous entities, Mossgas (Pty) Limited, Soekor (Pty) Limited, and parts of the Strategic Fuel Fund Association.


Currently PetroSA employs about 1800 people, last year had a turnover of R10,6 billion and boasts cash reserves of R11,9 billion. The company has its…


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Wim de Klerk – FD Exxaro Resources: "Finance as a university is only 10% of our job"

“To be unemotional when dealing with the variables that one encounters. Accept risks and the changing environment and have a conservative matrix within which decisions are taken.” That is what a good CFO should be able to do, and don’t, according to Wim de Klerk (49), Finance Director of Exxaro Resources Ltd.


Prior to becoming CFO of Exxaro, Wim joined the Iscor Limited Executive team in 1996 as group general manager for strategy and…


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Gerhard Malan – CFO Rectron: "Did South African companies miss the boat?"

“Did South African companies miss the boat by not exploring the rest of Africa sooner?” wonders Gerhard Malan, CFO of Rectron, one of South Africa’s leading ICT distributors. “I believe South Africa is its own worst enemy when it comes to growth and expansion. It seems like this is the decade for emerging markets but South Africa is missing out.”


Gerhard graduated in 2003 from the University of the North West (Potchefstroom) and finished his 3 year articles at Griesel Nel Inc…


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Jo Pohl - CFO Ubank: "CFO needs to adapt a far more pro-active and predictive approach"

Ubank (previously Teba Bank) appointed Jo-Ann Pohl to its Board as Chief Financial Officer in June 2007. Prior to her appointment, Jo – as she prefers to be called – who is a qualified chartered accountant was at Barclays Africa where she began as a Corporate Merchant Banking and Treasury Performance Consultant for Africa and the Middle East and then moved back into finance as a Regional Financial Controller before being promoted to Head of Finance for the Pan-African business. Ubank is the…


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Wayne van Houten - CFO Esorfranki: "Work hard, believe in yourself and be patient"

Information technology will form an important part of the future role of the CFO in South Africa. That is what Wayne van Houten, CFO of Esorfranki, replies when asked how the role of the CFO of the future will change over the next decade. “Use of information technology for financial reporting, compliance and market intelligence will also play a greater role and will bring enhanced efficiency into our business environment.”

Esorfranki’s CFO since 2008 studied at WITS University,…


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Van Zyl Botha - CFO Randgold & Exploration: "South Africa does not seize its opportunities"

“Africa is full of opportunities and although South African companies are best located to do so, we are not seizing those opportunities.” Van Zyl Botha (31) is one of the youngest CFOs we had the pleasure of interviewing. Despite his young age, he has a great vision on how a modern CFO should ensure the long term financial sustainability of an enterprise.


After qualifying as a chartered accountant, Van Zyl founded a financial consulting firm called FinFive Inc. focused on the…


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Trevor Scott – CFO Chrometco: "The chance of meeting challenges"

“Bob Skinstad is a fantastic role model for South Africans as he has such a refreshing attitude and positive outlook to life.” We are listening to Trevor Scott, CFO of Chrometco, a JSE-listed company Trevor joined in 2005. 

Chrometco Limited is a minerals and commodities exploration company listed on the JSE Limited with prospects in North West Province in South Africa and Likasi Province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Its main business focus is to identify, assess,…


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Bennie van Rooy – CFO JD Group: "Strategic targets will be broken down into components"

JD Group wants to “to be world-class in our fields of expertise”. It is strategically positioned in Southern Africa as a leading diversified mass consumer financier and a differentiated furniture, appliance, electronic goods, home entertainment and office automation retailer. The Group primarily targets the mass middle market with a secondary focus on the top and bottom end market segments. The Group operates 1138 stores across Southern Africa and Poland. JD Group was listed on Johannesburg…


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Paul Prinsloo - CFO PwC South Africa: "Keeping financial operations at the highest standard is vital"

The role of the CFO has changed from scorekeeper, care talker and treasurer to strategic business partner, communicator, financier, finance operator, compliance steward, run rate monitor, talent manager, financial envoy. These are the words of wisdome spoken by Paul Prinsloo, CFO of PwC South Africa, South Africa’s office of the world's largest professional services firm. PwC South Africa staffs over 4,200 people nationwide, of which 100 employees in the financial department.…


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Iain Bennie - CFO Stanlib: "Cash is King!"

Stanlib is the largest unit trust manager in the country and one of the leading asset and wealth managers in South Africa and emerging markets. The company is based in Johannesburg and has a footprint in seven African countries. The company was formed in 2002 when Liberty and Standard Bank’s asset management and wealth businesses merged. It is the biggest unit trust company in South Africa, managing assets for over 350,000 clients and employing almost 550 employees directly.…


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Bruce Sneddon - CFO Auction Alliance: "Finance will only be one part of the role of the future CFO"

CFO South Africa has interviewed a large number of CFOs and CEOs of leading South African companies. Next in our series is Bruce Sneddon, CFO of Auction Alliance, one of South Africa’s leading auction services groups, staffing 175 people and a turnover of R300m. Bruce joined Auction Alliance in…


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