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08 July 2014

CFO South Africa meets with Fintech's CEO Glen Christopulo and CFO Lourandi Kriel

On Monday Alex van Groningen, founder and director of CFO South Africa, visited the Johannesburg office of Fintech, an innovative South African firm that offers rental asset finance solutions. He met with CEO Glen Christopulo and CFO Lourandi Kriel. The meeting turned out to be an interesting meeting of minds. Christopulo elaborated on the solutions Fintech offers local businesses and Kriel spoke on the qualities that turn a good CFO into a great CFO. The full interview with Christopulo and Kriel will appear on this website at a later stage.

27 March 2014

Lesley Plaistowe, Partner Financial Services at IBM: CFOs should mine their unstructured data

“CFOs are very familiar with structured data, because that is what they work with every day,” says Lesley Plaistowe, Partner Financial Services at technology firm IBM. “What they need to know more about is unstructured data: information from phone conversations, emails, social platforms, the weather report and much more. Often a lot of operational data is hidden, but can be found when technology mines your unstructured data.”

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