A2X highlights visionary CFOs with CFO South Africa

A2X will be sponsoring the Visionary CFO series featuring top CFOs in South Africa.

A2X Markets will be sponsoring the Visionary CFOs series on CFO.co.za. This reaffirms A2X’s commitment to supporting CFOs and the companies they lead. Visionary CFOs look to the future and consider all opportunities to advance both their companies' finances and shareholder interests.

The series will feature 16 interviews with the top CFOs in South Africa, including Absa group FD Jason Quinn and Exxaro CFO Riaan Koppeschaar, covering their key achievements and views on topical issues affecting finance leadership.

“Like the visionary CFOs featured, the team at A2X understands the importance of making the numbers work for you,” says A2X CEO Kevin Brady. “We help CFOs put their shareholders first by providing them with the choice of an additional venue on which to transact their shares and save money.”

A2X is a stock exchange playing an integral part in the progression of the South African market-place. A2X is run by an experienced team from across the financial services and technology industries. This experience, combined with cutting-edge technology, stable systems and an agile environment enables A2X to provide the market with an efficient and cost-effective trading venue to secondary list and trade shares.