Advocate Pansy Tlakula nominated as POPI Information Regulator


The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) was signed into law by President Zuma in November 2013. Certain provisions of the Act relating to the appointment of the Information Regulator (responsible for monitoring compliance with, and enforcement of, the provisions of POPI) were made effective in April 2014. On 7 September 2016, the National Assembly voted in favour of the nomination of Advocate Pansy Tlakula (pictured) as Chairperson of the Information Regulator, as well as Advocate Lebogang Stroom and Johannes Weapond as full-time members, and Professor Tana Pistorius and Sizwe Snail as part-time members. Nikki Pennel, KPMG’s POPI specialist and attorney, said:

"Following the recommendations of National Assembly, the publication of the effective date of the substantive provisions of the Act is likely to soon follow. Companies will have 12 months from the commencement date to become fully compliant."

Advocate Tlakula's appointment, as well as those of the other nominated members, remain subject to confirmation by the President.

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