All I Need to Know About Corporate Innovation I learnt at Kindergarten*: Finance Indaba sneak peek 32


From the very first days of nursery school, children are taught simple rules like: share, clean up your own mess, take a nap every afternoon, don’t take things that aren’t yours, flush!, etc. Well, as it turns out, these are a proxy for many hard-won, field-tested, corporate innovation principles and practices. Join I am Jack Frost CEO Paul Steenkamp as he explores some of the best practices for future-proofing your organisation. The title of this Finance Indaba Africa session was inspired by the brilliant Robert Fulghum book.

What: All I Need to Know About Corporate Innovation I learnt at Kindergarten*
Who: Paul Steenkamp (Founder and CEO at I am Jack Frost)
When: 12 October at 13h00
Where: Boardroom 2, Sandton Convention Centre

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