Anchor Group lists on A2X

This is the ninth listing for the still fairly new exchange.

A2X Markets recently listed financial services company Anchor Group on its exchange. Effective 10 July, Anchor will be the ninth firm to have a secondary listing on A2X – it is also listed on the JSE.

Anchor’s CEO Peter Armitage says the secondary listing “gives brokers more options and supports free market principles”. He said:

"There’s no downside or cost for us. It’s nothing for or against the JSE. We just think it makes sense to support people who are bringing overall costs down."

According to A2X CEO Kevin Brady (pictured), the Exchange has applied to the Financial Services Conduct Authority asking to amend its licence, as it would like to offer secondary listings to exchange-traded products. A2X might also consider moving into the primary listings market once it has built a reputation in the secondary markets segment, he says, though probably not for the next two years or so.