Identify key priorities and challenges for today's finance management: 4th Annual Finance Priorities Survey


The finance organization is continuously evolving. Faced with meeting the needs of executive management, shareholders and regulators while ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of their function, finance leaders and professionals must address a wide range of issues within a dynamic environment with seemingly endless changes in regulations and reporting requirements.

We invite you to participate in the 2015 Finance Priorities Survey. The purpose of this survey is to identify key priorities and challenges for today's finance management and the organizations they support. The survey is designed to allow you to access a broad range of abilities/functions that are part of your finance role, and assess which of these rank as the higher priorities for you and your organization.

As a token of appreciation for taking a few minutes of your day to contribute to our study, we'd like to offer an and advance copy of the report before the general release.

The questionnaire should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. No login ID or password is required and will be available online. We appreciate your time and contributions to the study.

CFO South Africa, Financial Executives International , Protiviti and SNG will release the results of this study in October 2014. We will send you a copy of our report and analysis when it's ready in October (please provide your contact information at the end of our questionnaire).

Begin Survey now.

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