Arrowhead CFO Imraan Suleman resigns following alleged financial misconduct


The Arrowhead board assured the public that the misconduct has no financial implications for the company.

Arrowhead Properties CFO Imraan Suleman has resigned following an instance of the unauthorised use of company resources. 

The Arrowhead board assured the public that Suleman’s misconduct has “no financial implications for the company and in no way go to the content or integrity of the company’s financial results”. 

Suleman was appointed as CFO of Arrowhead Properties in October 2011. He was also an executive director of the company from 3 December 2014. 

The company has appointed accountant Arend de Kock, who has been responsible for the daily financial operations of Arrowhead under the guidance of the CFO, as interim CFO in Suleman’s place. 

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