BayHill Capital lists Transformational Investment Portfolio on ZAR X


ZAR X has become a fulcrum for companies basing their financial success on inclusion.

Transformational Investment Portfolio (TIP)’s listing on ZAR X by BayHill Capital, a wealth management company specialising in transformational investing, highlights the validity of ZAR X’s inclusive exchange model.

Etienne Nel, co-founder and CEO of ZAR X, says:

“The opportunities for individual and institutional investors are greatly enhanced, creating organic prospects whereby companies can achieve BEE in perpetuity and the economy can access sources of capital previously denied it.”

By listing TIP, BayHill is leveraging  transformation as an asset class, creating an incentive for consultants, financial planners, and capital markets role-players to plan investment strategies with an emphasis on transformation and empowerment in addition to investment returns.

TIP also opens up the corporate BEE vehicle landscape to investors of all races and socio-economic backgrounds, creating a  new avenue through which ordinary people’s savings can access investment opportunities and, simultaneously, become a source of capital for economic growth. It enables ordinary South Africans to invest in the capital markets and grow their wealth, and in so doing, change the country’s culture of indebtedness. It enables the buying and selling of shares to become part of the grassroots psyche.

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