Big banks, big bucks


Finance bosses at SA's largest banks take home pretty pleasing paycheques. 

According to data published by Moneyweb, the finance heads at SA’s five biggest banks are well remunerated for their services. Top-earners include Capitec’s André du Plessis, Standard Bank’s Arno Daehnke, Barclays Africa Group’s Jason Quinn, FirstRand’s Harry Kellan, and Nedbank’s Raisibe Morathi.

Daehnke (pictured) and Quinn were both paid over R30 million in the year, while Kellan and Morathi received more than R20 million. The best-paid CFO/FD, however, is Du Plessis, though Moneyweb notes that this is “skewed by the R30 million in long-term incentives which will vest this year based on performance in the 2018 financial year”.

As far as CEOs go, Barclays Africa Group’s Maria Ramos came out as highest paid. According to Moneyweb, in 2017 her remuneration came to some R61.9 million, comprised of R29.9 million in fixed and variable remuneration and R32 million in restricted share award (RSA) and long-term incentive plan awards made during the year.

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