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Put your headlamps on and start mining big data! Success and profits of businesses are often the results of smart use of data and information. Lately, the opportunities to use the data that exists within your organisation has grown exponentially and executives and accountants are increasingly starting to realise that they are missing out if they are not mining big data.

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While the first steps - and maybe even the subsequent ones - might be daunting, the good news is that corporates don't have to invest the wheel. An ever growing professional group of service providers offer their help to bring you the best and latest big data solutions. "There is a large service industry and they too are becoming more professional," says Melle Eijckelhoff, founder of CFO South Africa and organiser of the Finance Indaba Africa. "Through our daily engagements with CFOs we have seen that it is once again ok to invest in the finance function, whereas for a while most of the emphasis used to be on efficiency. However, there is so much out there - we should the money go? It can be hard to see the wood for the trees. Besides, finance people spend 80 percent of their time on tasks that need to be done now. Who has time to look at the many possible suppliers and services on offer? This is why we've designed the Finance Indaba to bring together all the players over a period of days."

Finance Indaba Africa is the largest expo and conference for finance professionals. It brings together peers, advisors, technology suppliers, banks, platforms, tools, CFOs and thought leaders. Over 5,000 visitors tap into a wealth of resources, knowhow and inspiration.

"It will be a place where finance people can show case results and best practices, frankly debate challenges and solutions, experiment and try out products and make new connections. Topics will range as widely as the finance portfolio, with sessions on process automation, big data, recruitment, fast-close, talent management, risk and compliance. I can guarantee that many visitors will be surprised by how much is possible in the 21st century."

We are calling exhibitors: are you enabling businesses to cut costs, boost sales, productivity and company profits? Then share your ideas at the Finance Indaba and help the country grow.

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