Brett Parker, MD Southern Africa at SAP: don't overcustomize


“We spend a lot of time trying to convince CFOs that they should not customize ERP and other software solutions too much,” says Brett Parker, Managing Director Southern Africa at software and solutions firm SAP. “The old style is to customize, so you can run your current business processes on SAP. Nowadays, we urge companies to stay close to the vanilla version of our products and in doing so adopt best practices.”

On Thursday morning Parker met with CFO South Africa to discuss innovation and trends in the field of business applications, business analytics and ERP systems. He told us that SAP grew with 68 percent over the last year and the firm expects a growth around 30 percent this year. Even in the slow growing South African economy the firm is still in the double digits.

Check back on this website at a later stage for a full account of the interview with Parker, in which he elaborates on SAP's growth strategy, the move towards mobile platforms and the role of social media.

In the picture: Brett Parker (SAP) and Melle Eijckelhoff (CFO South Africa).

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