Bringing science to FinTech: WATCH I Know First's Dmitry Neginsky at #afta16 #findaba16


I Know First brings science and math to the financial world by providing daily investment forecasts based on an advanced self-learning algorithm. Developed by CTO and PhD-holder Lipa Roitman, the algorithm utilises artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques through which I Know First is able to analyse, model and predict the stock market.

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In his pitch at the African FinTech Awards at the Finance Indaba Africa 2016 in October, I Know First analyst Dmitry Neginsky examined how his firm's self-learning forecasting algorithm utilises artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to find relationships and patterns in large sets of historical stock market data in order to analyze and predict behavior and identify the best daily market opportunities.

"It is possible to train I Know First's advanced algorithmic forecasting system virtually on any local stock market. We have structured a tiered product offering, which consists of algorithmically generated forecast reports (standardised or tailored to client's needs) and development of systematic trading and allocation strategies for hedge and mutual funds as well as structuring of smart-beta or actively managed ETFs and other investment vehicles."

The African FinTech Awards celebrate innovators that shape the future of finance, and acknowledges the work these companies are doing to have a positive impact on their target markets. The nominees were chosen by a panel of industry experts, stakeholders and investors from all over the world, who selected the three finalists in six categories to deliver their pitch at the Indaba.

The Finance Indaba is the biggest annual event on the continent for financial managers and specialists who are seeking partnerships to drive progress. Thousands of delegates will gain valuable insights into realising financial performance and growth, becoming more efficient and accessing funding, among a host of other opportunities from leading players in financial services.

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