Burton Naicker steps into role of MiWay’s new CEO


Burton takes over from retiring René Otto, who has led the company since its start-up 14 years ago.

Burton Naicker has stepped into the role of MiWay’s new CEO following the retirement of René Otto at the end of 2021. Burton will also serve as a member of the Santam group executive team.

“I am excited to be part of the dynamic team and look forward to my journey at MiWay and the Santam Group,” Burton said. “René has played a critical role in successfully building a solid foundation for MiWay from inception. He’s been instrumental in instilling a culture of innovation, transparency, and most importantly, putting clients first and steered MiWay into a successful business over the years.”

René led the business from its initial start-up 14 years ago to the direct insurer it is today. “It was without a doubt the best 14 years of my life,” he said. “Together with my management team, we built a great business and made a meaningful contribution to the economic and social landscape of South Africa. I am particularly proud of the strong values-based culture that we built with and for our staff. I believe it is the strongest differentiator between MiWay and most of its competitors.”

René added that he is confident Burton will pilot MiWay into a new era of growth and digitisation and expand on the “awesome” service it has strived to deliver to its clients over the years.

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