Cartesian Capital and Gareth Cliff launch innovative #Invest


Anthea Gardner of Cartesian Capital and popular radio DJ and TV personality Gareth Cliff have launched an investment product they hope will “uberise” the investment industry.

Simply called #Invest, the product was devised during the pair's weekly money show on Cliff's CliffCentral online radio station, when they realised that there was huge demand from ordinary South Africans for investment advice and a share portfolio over which they could have a measure of control.

#Invest will incorporate four portfolios across the risk return spectrum, ranging from conservative income, to stable growth and income, balanced growth and aggressive growth to cater for different goals and risk appetites.

"Our audience should be able to participate in a real way. The majority of South Africans don't have a very sophisticated knowledge about this area. What we offer is not some kind of fly-by-night thing. Let's see how many people we can introduce to this exciting new world and if we cause disruption by driving more people to stocks," said Cliff.

Cartesian Capital is a Johannesburg-based asset management business that offers a range of custom products and solutions, including local equity, money market and flexible income unit trusts.

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