CFO Case Study Competition: Team Snipers from Ghana takes lead


The CFO Case Study Competition’s Round 2: Public Votes has ended with Team Snipers from Ghana taking the lead with over 900 votes. They are now the official winners of this round and take with them 2 points to their credit as they proceed into Round 3: Semi-finals to be held at the JSE Limited on 13 October 2016. Over 2,500 votes were casted in total for the teams in this round.

Valentine Nti, the Executive Director said:

"We congratulate Team Snipers for winning this round of the competition. They were very dedicated and sought all opportunities to advance. We would like to encourage the other teams to ensure they perform at their best to win, it's not impossible, the international panel of judges will be judging based on merit and the tables can still be turned."

The competition is quickly reaching its crescendo and all eyes are now at the JSE Limited for October 13, 2016 when the six teams will all compete for a place at the global finals to be held at the Sandton Convention Center as a part of the Finance Indaba Africa on 14 October 2016.

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