CFO South Africa: A rapidly growing community

Time for an update. First and foremost, we are very pleased with the developments so far. The pace in which the community on has been growing is remarkable. At present nearly 400 South African finance professionals have joined the community, all looking to share connections, knowledge and enhance their networks. In addition to the community on, we also started our CFO South Africa group on LinkedIn, already boasting nearly 1000 members! Responses on the initiative have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic and new members join the community every day.

Moreover, we are very excited to host our first CFO-event on November 1st in Cape Town. The event encompasses an exclusive round table discussion for a selected number of South Africa's top CFOs, followed by the "CFO Café". This unique reception with drinks and snacks offers you the chance to meet all members in person, amongst which Eskom's CFO Paul O'Flaherty, Katie Murray (CFO Old Mutual) and Frikkie Kotzee (CFO Anglo American). Just to name a few...

Our endeavour to interview 100 of South African CFOs is turning out to be a great experience. At present you will find 50 interviews with the country's top CFOs on our site under 'Interviewing the CFO'. In each interview you will learn about the career of one of the country's leading CFOs, sharing their insights on the modern role of the CFO, on today's challenges for South Africa and their industry in particular, their specific trademark as a CFO as well as personal advice for ambitious finance professionals: it's all in there. Read and learn!

Lastly, we are always on the lookout for bloggers and guest writers for publications on CFO South Africa. Are you a (young) finance professional, student or professor in the industry and wish to share your knowledge with our readers, please let us know by sending an email to Inge Abraham; [email protected]. Please include a short abstract of the topic you wish to write about.

In short: with our first year anniversary in sight, we can only say that we are extremely content and optimistic about the future, and how CFO South Africa can contribute to a strong community for South African finance professionals. Help us grow by joining our community and let us know what you think. We welcome suggestions and feedback at all times.

If you wish to attend the CFO Café or wish to be invited for the exclusive round table discussion taking place on November 1st in Cape Town, please send an email to Inge Abraham ([email protected]).

Join our community by registering (it's for free!) on and join our group on LinkedIn.

Thanks for the thumbs up! To register for the event please:

1. RSVP online via /events/the-cfo-south-africa-event
2. Send an email to [email protected] stating:
* The company you work for;
* Your job title;
* Company location;
* Your mobile phone number.

We look forward to welcoming you in Cape Town on November 1st!

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