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CFO South Africa Newsletter | Monday 30th of September Dear CFO South Africa member, Read Exclusive CFO South Africa Articles Mike Benfield, Metorex: You can not walk away, after giving your advice “CFOs are actually salespeople,” says Mike Benfield, CFO for mining group Metorex.“We sell our business to financers and shareholders, but also sell it to our own staff and to the outside world. We have to be attractive employers, so we’re also selling the future to current and prospective employees.” Francois Reyneke, Waltons: We must ensure that we remain ahead of the pack “There should always be a challenge in life. Because of the continuous changes at my company, I have always been able to find those challenges internally,” says Francois Reyneke. The Group Financial Director at office products supplier, Waltons, is not a typical CFO type, who changes jobs every few years. Working for the same firm since 1995, he is currently in the middle of one of his greatest challenges to date. Showcase your work on CFO South Africa’s Website! Showcase your work and that of your company to 3500 members of CFO South Africa. Melle Eijckelhoff, Director of CFO South Africa will be in Johannesburg this week and will be conducting personal interviews. If you are interested send an email to Jurrien Morsch at [email protected]. The 5th CFO South Africa Event Managing Corporate Growth The 5th CFO South Africa Event is right around the corner. On Thursday October 3rd, An influential group of financial leaders from prominent international and South African companies from both the private and public sector will be present. The 5th CFO South Africa Event will take place on October 3rd 2013, titled 'Managing Corporate Growth.' CFO South Africa, in collaboration with Oracle, CQS, Transparent, IQ Business and ReadSoft, is organizing this event at one of the top-rated hotels in the world, the Saxon Boutique Hotel in Sandton. Continuous Professional Development Points Did you know all events of CFO South Africa are eligible for SAICA CPD points? Most CFO's in South Africa are CA's and have to remain compliant. By attending CFO South Africa's events and training courses they will stay compliant. Upcoming CFO South Africa Events CFO South Africa is proud to announce the 2014 Agenda. We have planned new CFO Events with inspiring hosts and experts that with share their insights and experiences with you. Register now for these events and improve your company, network, career and knowledge. CFO South Africa Events 2014 - Johannesburg April 3 | Capital & Finance May 15 | CFO Day & Awards 2014 July 10 | Corporate Growth Sep 11 | Digital Transformation Nov 13 | Risk, Control & Compliance Registration Open! Register now for one of the upcoming CFO South Africa Events. Please note that all our CFO South Africa events are for senior financial executives working in companies with revenues exceeding 100 million rand. In the future CFO South Africa will offer memberships for all audiences to have the opportunity to attend our upcoming events. If you are not part of the target audience but would like to participate in the event, please contact Jurrien Morsch at [email protected] and download our Partner Proposal. Stay connected with CFO South Africa Get the latest updates from CFO South Africa's trip to Johannesburg CFO South Africa is in Johannesburg preparing for the 5th CFO South Africa Event on October 3rd which is taking place at the Saxon Boutique Hotel. Learn about who they are meeting and which top tier CFOs they are interviewing by becoming a member on Follow CFO South Africa on Twitter Stay up to date and in the loop on what is happening in the world of finance by following us on Twitter @CFOSouthAfrica. Also to keep track of newly published interviews with CFOs and CEOs. Feel free to contact us Do you have any requests, please let us know. Any suggestions or comments are welcome. Kind Regards, Melle Eijckelhoff Director CFO South Africa | [email protected]

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