Dealing with disruption: WATCH Codrington at #findaba16


How do business leaders adapt and help their organisations to stay relevant in an era of digital disruption characterized by uncertainty? At the Finance Indaba Africa 2016 in October, internationally recognized futurist Graeme Codrington provided insights into the shifting landscape and a toolkit for leaders to navigate disruption.

Graeme began by delving into the history of finance, talking about the powerful Medici family, the founding of the first bourse in Belgium through to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, charting how far we have come. "We live in a remarkable moment in history in which we as individuals have access to more information than anyone has ever had before," he said.

He went on to look at the aspects that made up the DNA of successful disruptive companies. Graeme stressed the importance of personalization and great systems in terms of client interaction , harnessing Big Data, mobile-first strategies and automation. He also discussed the power of third-party verification, networking, gamification and cultivating a culture of innovation.

"I love app updates. I love the fact that there is a team of people sitting somewhere in the world whose sole purpose is to make my apps and life better for me. How often do you send updates through your system? "Do you have a culture of innovation in your business? Do you have a culture that say: 'Failure is an option here'?"

The Finance Indaba is the biggest annual event on the continent for financial managers and specialists who are seeking partnerships to drive progress. Thousands of delegates will gain valuable insights into realising financial performance and growth, becoming more efficient and accessing funding, among a host of other opportunities from leading players in financial services.

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