Dimago Data Analytics perfectly positions finance to drive digital transformation


Deploying Alteryx offers finance teams the ability to automate between 50 and 90 percent of data processes.

In legacy businesses, data, people and process pillars are not integrated, opening businesses to the risk of occupying their brightest and most skilled with mundane and manual processes, instead of enabling them to be strategic and deliver high-impact results.

Using the Alteryx platform to drive performance, Dimago’s core focus is on engaging with finance professionals to deliver the automation of routine processes so they can spend more time on analysing the data and mining for insights. This enables convergence of data, processes and people for faster business and workforce outcomes in a single interface.

Strategic alignment of digital for business ambition
Companies are looking to accelerate digital transformation in a way that optimises resources and meets the demands of today’s complex and fast-moving business landscape. Alteryx unifies analytics, data science and process automation, and is a leader in the area of driving democratisation of data analytics and process automation of legacy slow/manual processes.

The platform allows users to rapidly automate and share analytics at scale for deeper insights. Clients transform business outcomes through optimisation of processes and unearth new avenues for growth. “People are at the core of what we do. We drive data literacy, upskill people and transform workforces. These result in hyper-efficient environments and amplified human capability with a comprehensive enablement plan that facilitates technology adoption, unlocking opportunity within a business becomes effortless,” says Dimago CEO Pierre Naude. Deploying Alteryx offers finance teams the ability to automate between 50 and 90 percent of data processes. Businesses can then resize and reskill the finance team and position them as a powerful data advisory resource to the rest of the organisation, aligning it to achieve optimisation and driving top-line growth and profitability. The upskilling component is realised through enablement training, allowing people closest to business problems to drive the right capability.

Enabling a data-driven culture
Dimago’s Centre of Enablement concept is a vehicle to connect data, process and people. It drives knowledge sharing, thought leadership, best practice, process improvement and people investment. It also promotes collaboration around analytics process automation across the entire business, with the core focus of setting up teams to drive change to become truly data-driven. This is accomplished through the adoption of machine learning, process automation, data science and analytics.

“We enable a human-centric platform that builds communities that can share data sources, ideas, knowledge, use cases, and models,” says Pierre. “It allows you to control access rules to data and security protocols, dev and production environment rules and checklists, and training paths. Additionally, we help clients set up academies and data governance processes to manage collaboration within the business to ensure control.”
Powering impact

The efficiency gains clients have achieved are impressive. For instance, a large mining group saw a 144 times improvement after spending just 1 hour with Dimago and automated almost a month’s worth of work a year. A large banking client automated 3 days of Excel work in a few hours and a large audit firm automated a process that usually takes 3 days to run now in a few minutes

Pierre has been working in finance performance management and analytics systems for more than 15 years. “I’ve never seen such transformative changes in businesses like this in such a quick space of time,” he says. “ With our platform and optimisation, we can save clients a day’s worth per month in just a few hours.”

Dimago will be at the 2020 Finance Indaba. As Alteryx’s sole Preferred Partner in Africa and Partner of the Year for 3 years running, they are best placed to advise your teams and show you how they can accelerate the growth of your company.


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