DJ Kumbula of Innovent welcomes opportunities CFO SA


“Give us 15 minutes in front of a CFO of a big corporation and we will convince them of our rental and asset management solutions,” said DJ Kumbula, CEO of Innovent. The Johannesburg-based company offers innovative alternatives to company-purchased capital equipment, saving money for clients and keeping their equipment up to date. The list of raving testimonials is impressive and includes a recommendation by Discovery, South Africa’s largest health insurer.

On Tuesday Kumbula met with Alex van Groningen and Melle Eijckelhof of CFO SA to talk about the role of financial professionals in the modern business and to give insight into Innovent and its sister company QRent, which together employ about 50 people and are currently expanding to Europe and Brazil.

CFO SA is a fast-growing network platform that brings together South African finance professionals to share information, discuss common challenges and chart the future.

According to the Zimbabwe-born Kumbula, CFOs have a natural tendency to be conservative and he calls on them to keep an open mind for solutions like Innovent which can improve their business. "As an individual I also like to own my assets. If I have an old phone, I keep it as a backup or give it to a family member," Kumbula said. "But for a business that uses laptops or desktops it makes good financial sense to get a good leasing deal."

Next week a comprehensive interview with Kumbula will be published on this website.

In the picture: Melle Eijckelhoff (CFO SA) and DJ Kumbula (Innovent).

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