Finance flash: the TOP-10 articles of week 10, 2020


Want to stay up to date with the latest developments in finance, but short on time? Don't worry. CFO South Africa weekly collects 10 of the most important articles from international media for your convenience.

1. How to Prepare for a Remote Digital Workplace
With companies taking various steps to protect employees' health in the face of COVID-19, it's important to be ready for working remotely.

2. How to Reassure Your Team When the News Is Scary
We’ve all had that moment on an airplane where we experience turbulence. Maybe you are rudely awakened by a sudden jolt, or you stand up to use the restroom and have to hold onto the back of someone’s seat. Within a few seconds, the pilot’s voice comes over the intercom. What are you listening for? You are listening for reassurance through the uncertainty of turbulence.  

3. Three Key Coronavirus-Related Strategic Risks to Consider
While it's too early to measure the impact the disease will have on companies, finance chiefs should be prepared to deal with these risk factors.

4. Four different ways of knowing
Understanding the world around you can be difficult if you’re constrained by traditional thinking. New approaches to knowledge can help.

5. 5 Unforgettable Leadership Lessons From 'Manager of the Century' Jack Welch
General Electric CEO Jack Welch was an icon of business leadership but his core principles were utterly simple and straight-forward.

6. The Powerful Leadership of African Women
African women are powerhouses in their own right. I felt this statement come to life when I saw the number of African women representing businesses at the UK-Africa Investment Summit held in January. Skilled in equal measure, they are leaders who contribute not only to the growth of their region but also to the growth of the world.

7. When in Doubt, Leaders Should Ask Questions
The mainstream language of leadership is geared toward deciding and affirming rather than questioning. Yet my recent research finds that – contrary to popular belief – leaders who routinely ask questions become more credible in their roles.

8. The Key to Inclusive Leadership
What makes people feel included in organizations? Feel that they are treated fairly and respectfully, are valued and belong? Many things of course, including an organization’s mission, policies, and practices, as well as co-worker behaviors. But mostly it comes down to leaders.

9. Why CFOs need more cybersecurity vigilance
Cybersecurity breaches have become the top financial threat facing companies, making it essential for CFOs to play a pivotal role in managing the risk. National and corporate cybersecurity is the greatest area of threat facing the world economy over the next ten years, according to the 2019 EY CEO Imperative Study.

10. In disruptive times, the power comes from people: An interview with Eric Schmidt
With his decades of experience in Silicon Valley, Eric Schmidt is regularly tapped for his views on the future of technology and how the latest disruptive innovations in areas such as artificial intelligence could shape the world. Yet he’s quick to point out that it’s the people behind the technology who make the difference, a sentiment he admits is oft repeated yet still somehow underestimated.

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