Finance flash: the TOP-10 articles of week 32, 2019


Vakliteratuur bijhouden maar weinig tijd? Geen zorgen. verzamelt wekelijks 10 spraakmakende artikelen voor u uit internationale media. Blijf voorop lopen met deze unieke kennis.

1. Why Finance Should Lead Sustainability Efforts
Companies that wait for government sustainability standards may see declining brand reputation and financial investment.

2. Using Algorithms to Understand the Biases in Your Organization
Algorithms have taken a lot of heat recently for producing biased decisions. People are outraged over a recruiting algorithm Amazon developed that overlooked female job applicants. Likewise, they are outraged over predictive policing and predictive sentencing that disproportionately penalize people of color. Importantly, race and gender were not included as inputs into any of these algorithms.

3. Metric of the Month: How Quickly Businesses Adapt to New Risks
When a risk becomes a reality, top performers act to change policies and strategies quickly.

4. More than values: The value-based sustainability reporting that investors want
Nonfinancial reports helped stimulate the growth of sustainable investing. Now investors are questioning current reporting practices—and calling for changes that executives and board members must understand.

5. When Your Company Has Tripled Revenue--and Then Tripled It Again, This Is What's Next.
The founders of this year's Inc. ranking have already scaled great heights. Now they're reaching for the next big summits.

6. Getting Rid of Gender Bias in Venture Capital
The gender gap in VC doesn’t merely reflect society’s sexism. It’s an alarm bell, warning of an industry’s obsolescence.

7. How an FD’s role may have changed in a modern-day tech workforce
Finance directors must focus on how finance drives the business, says Matthew Hardill, finance director at cloud-based IT resource specialist Cranford Group.

8. The benefits of a ‘decomposed’ approach to group audit planning
New research performed with the help of the AICPA’s Assurance Research Advisory Group has provided new insights on ways to improve quality in group audits.

9. Business Leaders Unsure of Job Descriptions in Age of Man Plus Machine
While 50% of business leaders agree that automated systems will free up their time, just as many, 50% don't agree.

10. What the Instant Gratification Economy Means For the Office of Finance
As millennials begin to become a major factor in today’s marketplace, it is imperative that financial leaders change their paradigms and implement an adaptive strategy. This strategy will help you to retain skilled workers and improve work-life balance.

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