Finance Indaba 2016: Build Extraordinary Futures for your company


"As specialists in the financial skills sector we use our specialist knowledge to evaluate, hunt and entice individuals for specific financial roles," says Anthia Falekkos (pictured in the middle with her team), managing executive at Extraordinary Futures, a silver partner at the Finance Indaba Africa 2016 on 13 and 14 October 2016 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

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In the coming weeks and months, we will be chatting to all the Indaba partners, asking them why they are joining the event and what their most important message for finance professionals is.

Do you want to hear how Extraordinary Futures can help you meet your staffing requirements? Do you want to be informed about the latest and greatest in finance? Then don't miss the Finance Indaba Africa 2016.

Why will you be present at the Finance Indaba?
"Extraordinary Futures is the financial recruitment brand under the Anthropi Holdings Resourcing Group. With a national and global track record that spans 30 years in the recruitment industry, we make it our business to know the best people! Building relationships and keeping up to date with the latest industry happenings is an integral part of our business. This is why we will be attending the Finance Indaba Africa."

What will you be talking about or showcasing?
"There is no escaping the fact that the 'war on talent' is more prevalent than ever. Globally, organisations are scrambling to attract the best A Player talent for their businesses. We will be talking to professionals in the financial sector about overcoming the challenges that face organisations in attracting top talent for this industry. We will also be showcasing our career management services for individuals that are looking for specialised and strategic long-term career planning."

What are the challenges you can help finance professionals with in 2016?
"Making an informed career move is a challenge that faces many professionals. A few interviews with just one organisation does not give the individual an opportunity to benchmark. Extraordinary Futures goes the extra mile to expose individuals to a selection of organisations that could offer the right move either now or in the near future. This way professionals are positioned to make targeted career moves that are tailored around their aspirations."

"Professionals are less and less inclined to post CVs on Job boards, since getting lost in a sea of faceless CV data has created an impersonal and frustrating experience for most individuals. Extraordinary Futures remains focussed on the personal touch; Being responsive, preferring to call rather than email, keeping the candidate informed of the process, taking time to thoroughly understand skills sets and capabilities. These are the things that take the pain out of finding your next career move."

What sets Extraordinary Futures apart from other recruitment agencies?
"Sometimes the most obvious aspect of our world is the hardest to achieve. We are masters of 'the match'! As specialists in the financial skills sector we use our specialist knowledge to evaluate, hunt and entice individuals for specific financial roles. Knowing what differentiates one accountant from the other, knowing what differentiates a financial management role in one industry to another, are key factors that help us make the right match."

"And it goes further than just skill sets: making the match across the hard skill and soft skill spectrum is what sets us apart. Cultural alignment is often the deciding factor. Taking the time to assess this is what sets us apart."

"Business is fast and changing. Our turnaround time on assignment delivery is a differentiating factor that has often saved the day for organisations struggling to meet resourcing deadlines. The team that delivers these services is also highly qualified. There is nothing more powerful than consulting with a fellow CA about your next career move or your next resourcing requirement. This is the stuff that sets us apart."

What are firms looking for when hiring finance professionals?
"In today's world of ID theft, escaping the litany of horror stories that befall companies who recruit financial staff, remains a number one concern. This means that stringent verification checks have become standard practice on every assignment. So too has finding candidates that have built solid track records where a depth of expertise has been developed."

Too often candidates have made career moves that leverage their financial standing, but do nothing to deepen their skills sets. Finding a market related 'money-vs-experience-value-curve' is the challenge that many organisations face when affording external hires."

"Recruiting financial professionals with similar industry sector knowledge has become a key criteria on most assignments because of the ever increasingly specialised world that we live in. Organisations want the new recruit to know their business. Having both the qualification and the experience, is no longer a preference but an essential. That is why employing the services of a specialised and trusted recruitment firm goes a long way to achieving best results."

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