Finance Indaba 2017: EOH products suit any business


"The Finance Indaba is a great opportunity to demonstrate that our product and services offering fits the needs of the all the South African businesses, no matter what their size is," says Paco Cervantes, Oracle Services Business Unit Manager of EOH, a gold partner at the Finance Indaba Africa 2017 on 12 and 13 October 2017 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

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In the coming weeks and months, we will be chatting to all the Indaba partners, asking them why they are joining the event and what their most important message for finance professionals is.

Do you want to learn about how EOH's solutions can transform your business? Do you want to be informed about the latest and greatest in finance? Then don't miss the Finance Indaba Africa 2017.

The Finance Indaba is the biggest annual event on the continent for financial managers and specialists who are seeking partnerships to drive progress. Thousands of delegates will gain valuable insights into realising financial performance and growth, becoming more efficient and accessing funding, among a host of other opportunities from leading players in financial services.

Why will you be present at the Finance Indaba?
"EOH Oracle Services is sponsoring the Finance Indaba because it is a great opportunity to demonstrate that our product and services offering fits the needs of the all the South African businesses, no matter what their size is:

  • We have the right financial software for the business needs of small and medium South African businesses
  • We have skilled resources that can assist South African businesses with improving their financial reporting and controls and the accuracy of their financial data through cloud technology and business processes based on best practice.
  • Our implementation methodology 'Right First Time' safely delivers the combination of new business processes and technology that our customers require to assist them with their growth and profitability targets."

What will you be talking about or showcasing?
"EOH Oracle Services will be focusing in demonstrating the capabilities of Oracle NetSuite and how it can help SME businesses to grow:

  • Oracle NetSuite is #1 Cloud ERP in the world with a large customer base in excess of 40,000 customers worldwide.
  • Oracle NetSuite provides cloud ERP solutions for every size company, across every industry, in every part of the world.
  • Oracle NetSuite allows businesses to:
  1. Reduce the Time to close financial books reduced 45% to 70%
  2. Reduce Reporting time and resources reduced 40% to 55%
  3. Reduce IT support costs 40% to 65% in comparison to on-premise ERP software
  4. Provide with 360° visibility in the business operations thanks to a unified platform for Financials, Billing, Procurement, Manufacturing, Sales, CRM, POS and E-Commerce."

What challenges can you help finance professionals/firms with in 2017?
"We can help Finance professionals to 'do more with less', we can assist them to spend less time performing manual tasks and therefore increasing the quality of the information in their ERP system. We can help them to avoid duplication of activities due to lack of integration between their business systems. We can help them implement Oracle NetSuite and ensure that their current and future business needs are well covered. Oracle NetSuite allows SME businesses to run their operations through an ERP that:

  • In terms of functionality is a Tier 1 ERP
  • In terms of ease of use and flexibility is unbeatable
  • It comes 'off the shelf' with all the reporting and KPI's required by the financial professionals
  • It is priced to be affordable and the licensing model is flexible

"EOH Oracle Services has developed a unique model of partnership with SME companies that focuses in helping them achieving tangible return in the short term at a contained cost and with the possibility of accessing our pool of senior business analysts and knowledge repository to increase the efficiency of their operations. We can help our clients to meet the taxation and other compulsory requirements thanks to the reporting capabilities of NetSuite."

Please tell us about your operating model.
"Our partnership strategy is a long-term engagement with our clients and it can be summarised as follows:

Maturity Cycle

"We assess the maturity of the client and put together a plan of action to maximize the return of the investment done in their ERP systems. We build a personalized roadmap with our clients and a plan of action according to the following objectives:

Continuous Improvement

"EOH Oracle Services is constantly looking at improving our service and the business of our customers:

  • Internal processes and skills: To best service our clients we extend the capabilities of our team in those areas where our customers demand additional skills. We are also constantly evaluating the quality of our operating procedures and how we service our customers.

  • Our customer's requirements: Inefficiencies are indicators of underlying issues related to inadequate processes or lack of adherence to best practices, systems issues or lack of user training. We analyse the root cause issue and propose solutions that decrease or eliminate the source of inefficiency."

How have you managed to achieve 36% compounded annual growth?
"Technology is an enabler, but it is our people within EOH who make the difference.

"Our astonishing growth rate can only be explained by the total commitment of our workforce to the five pillars of our philosophy:

  • Partner for Life: We nurture lifelong relationships with our customers and business partners.
  • Best People: We attract, develop and retain the best people led by great leaders.
  • Right 1st Time: We ensure professional planning and executions and have pride in all we do.
  • Sustainable Transformation: We transform and celebrate diversity.
  • Lead & Grow: We strive in every domain we operate in whilst remaining processional.

"Some remarkable facts about EOH are:

  • The EOH Youth Job Creation Initiative: Since 2012, over 35 000 learners and graduates have benefitted from the initiative, with 14 500 of them completing learnerships or internships. Of the individuals taken through the program, 83% have been placed in full-time employment, within EOH and our partner networks.
  • EOH is a global organisation, active in over 134 locations throughout South Africa and over 50 countries internationally.
  • The first business to become an EOH is still an EOH client: The biggest proof of the success of our model partnership is that our clients stay engaged with EOH. Our growth and success depends on the growth and success of our clients."

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