Finance Indaba: chat to Larc AI about Robotic Process Automation


The Finance Indaba Africa is THE place where finance professionals can get to grips with the latest and greatest technologies around. Besides well-established brands like SAP, Oracle and IBM, there is also space for a number of exciting, highly specialised companies. One of those is silver partner Larc AI. We spoke to Jannie Strydom, CEO of Larc AI about his message for finance teams.

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"Larc AI is a new company in the field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA)," Jannie explains. "We help organisations to open up new opportunities for innovation, productivity and better information."

By combining RPA, IA, machine learning and computer vision, Larc AI can give clients the competitive edge, says Jannie. "Starting with your goals and reviewing your use-cases, we will build a custom solution that will help you achieve measurable return on your investment."

RPA has great potential to automate repetitive, methodical and rule-based tasks, says Jannie.

"Previously, tasks that required judgement or intuition appeared to be very hard to automate. However, recent advances and decreasing cost of processing power and data storage created a new breed of cognitive technologies with human like abilities, such as identifying images, recognising handwriting, natural language processing and complex human decisions."

Larc AI works with the IBM Watson APIs on the Blue Mix platform. It also works with Virtual Experts, used to clone human decision making. "These APIs can be combined and enabled in robotic automation processes and analytics, to form Intelligent Automation solutions. These can assist people or even automate entire processes. We partner with IBM and UIPath, a leading developer of RPA software for rule based and intelligent process automation solutions."

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