Fintech Circle Innovate partners with Cape tech hub


Fintech Circle Innovate, a London-based fintech accelerator, has joined forces with the well-established Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative to stimulate growth in the local sector as well as fintech development in the rest of Africa.

"The partnership with The Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative (CiTi) is a logical and obvious choice for us," said CEO and co-founder of Fintech Circle Innovate Nicole Anderson.

"CiTi has a long-standing history as the most experienced incubator in Africa, plus we are both leaders in innovation in our regions. The opportunity and use case for convergence in FinTech in Africa will be a significant focus for us," she continued.

Founded as a non-profit organisation in 1998 by a broad group of industry stakeholders and inspired citizens, CiTI has pioneered the concept of a fintech hub in Africa, securing members like Thomson Reuters Innovation Lab, Barclays Rise Africa and the Blockchain Academy.

Initially, the partnership will focus on opportunities brought on by fintech convergence in core competencies and advancing the traditional sector.

It will also aim to produce a knowledge ecosystem of educational material for African startups, based on The FinTech Book, a guide to the financial technology revolution written by prominent thought leaders in the global fintech investment space.

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