Follow a Financial Modelling course, save massive time and bring prosperity to your business!


Financial models are a pre-requisite to successfully identify risks, costs, opportunities and income streams. A financial model helps you to become profitable in a continuously changing business atmosphere. 100% of all CFOs agree that working without modelling is close to impossible. A thorough understanding makes your job easier, saves you massive time and will bring prosperity to your business. Not convinced yet?

Here are 7 reasons why financial models are magic.

1. Bring prosperity
Do you believe your ability to make better, quicker, data based decisions will lead to more profits and a competitive advantage? Spot on! The introduction of a financial model will help you to become a more prosperous company.

2. Gut feelings
Do you trust your intuition more than data? Off-the-cuff decisions mean disaster if not tempered with data. Both data and intuition have a place at decision making but acting on gut feelings alone spells disaster.

3. Become a survivor
Will there be profit or loss? What will the future be like? What revenues and expenses can be expected? A great financial model bases future performance on data and assumptions. Surviving without modelling is luck.

4. Check assumptions
Are your financial assumptions based on reality or are they erroneous or based on historical truths? The process of developing a financial model helps to validates current decisions. Check your assumptions before it is too late.

5. Pay the bills
How would your business hold up against straining changes? What happens if your sales drops 20 percent? Will you be able to pay the bills? A financial model is the perfect tool to test stresses upon a business.

6. Team up
Do all your colleagues really know what works and matters? Probably not. One of the great benefits of having a financial model is the increased understanding by all participants. Team up for more succes.

7. Avoid stress
Would you like to save yourselve stress? Would you rather figure out things before or after your decisions? Exactly. Creating a financial model will show you weaknesses, opportunities, threats & strengths.

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