Strategic CFO: Are you a catalyst for change? Compare yourself to your peers.


Oracle and Accenture created a new benchmarking tool based on exclusive data from our global CFO survey. The tool will benchmark your performance across a number of key dimensions identified by Longitude Research, a third-party research firm we commissioned to conduct our study.

By taking the survey, you'll learn how your performance compares to CFOs worldwide, and what barriers they face as they seek to exert greater influence over the business. Take the survey now.

To examine the changing role of the CFO, Oracle and Accenture co-sponsored a global research study with Longitude Research and have published their findings in the report "The CFO as Catalyst for Change."

Longitude Research surveyed 930 CFOs from organizations around the world of varying sizes and industries, and found that:

  • The CFO role has become more strategic and influential over the last three years; and
  • Opportunity exists for CFOs to drive change across the whole organization, not just the finance function.

To complement the findings and gain deeper insights into the evolving role of the CFO, Longitude Research conducted a series of in-depth, one-to-one interviews with CFOs from leading organizations based in every major geographic region.

The study found that while the overall level of the CFOs' strategic influence has increased over the last three years (71 percent of respondents), only a minority play a leading role in strategy formulation (34 percent of respondents) or strategy execution (24 percent of respondents), and some obstacles still prevent CFOs from reaching their strategic potential.

You are interested in more details? Please download the report and get some background information.

If you also would like to share your research results with the CFO community, please get in touch with us. Please contact Jurriën Morsch on [email protected].

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