How can you exercise corporate governance diligence and skill? Finance Indaba sneak peek 30


Corporate governance failures manifested in illicit conduct and fraud negatively affects your company's prospect of economic growth, public faith and corporate reputation. Unfortunately, all too often, deceitful and falsified business transactions are approved by boards and management simply on the basis of trust. Having spent over 25 years supporting organisations to develop corporate governance frameworks that prevent, detect and remediate (as prescribed in KING IV) illicit conduct, SNG's Peter Goss will discuss a blend of corporate governance guidance, principles and practices for boards, management, CFOs, company secretaries, and other combined assurance providers who will help you to create sustainable value and mitigate related threats. In this lively master class, you will be challenged to adopt a sceptical mindset focused on sustainable value creation and business integrity, a constructively sceptical professional demeanour, and an advanced level of due probity, due diligence and scrutiny. Learn from corporate governance failures the stark and blatant realities, enhance your professional due care and skill, and improve your corporate sustainability in this fascinating Finance Indaba Africa session.

What: How can you exercise corporate governance diligence, due care and skill?
Who: Peter Goss (Managing Director at SNG Advisory and Lead SNG Corporate Governance Expert)
When: 12 October at 13h00
Where: Ballroom 3, Sandton Convention Centre

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