How CFO Mava Shude is reshaping the public sector landscape


Langeberg Municipality CFO Mava Shude on his blueprint for sustainable governance.

Mava Shude, CFO of Langeberg Municipality, says his journey into the field of accounting was quite unexpected, as his initial plans revolved around attending UCT to study chemical engineering. “However, a twist of fate altered my course when I was offered a comprehensive bursary for accountancy, covering tuition, accommodation, a food allowance, and book expenses. This unexpected opportunity redirected my career path towards accounting, a field I had never contemplated before.”

As he continued down this unforeseen path, he gained valuable experience in auditing before eventually joining the Auditor General. “Not only did I enjoy auditing, but I also realised that I had a natural aptitude for it. This unforeseen detour turned out to be a hidden blessing, leading me to where I am today, content and fulfilled in my role as an accountant,” he says.

A vision for municipal finances – transparent, sustainable, and impactful

As a CFO at the helm of managing municipal finances, he is aware of how this sector is performing, but envisions a future where municipal finances are transparent, sustainable, and impactful on the lives of the community. “A well-managed municipal treasury directly influences the services and opportunities available to the public. This, in turn, fosters trust and a better quality of life for the community,” he says. His dedication to openness and responsibility has significantly contributed to Langeberg municipality consistently achieving clean audits, signifying strong financial management and adherence to guidelines.

He emphasises the critical role finance plays in supporting the growth of local businesses, creating employment opportunities, and enhancing the overall quality of life within the community.

“My role revolves around a larger aim of contributing to society's welfare through good financial practices and ethical governance. I believe that with the right actions, local governments can bring about positive change in the lives of the people they serve.”

Challenges and opportunities in the public sector

Mava has a profound understanding of the critical challenges plaguing the public sector, with a keen awareness of how politics can significantly sway decision-making. He argues for a professionalised approach that spans not only administrative domains, but also permeates the political frontlines. “The ultimate aim is to balance seemingly conflicting elements, ultimately paving the way for effective governance and driving progress in our society.”

However, Mava’s vision extends beyond the present. He envisions a future where municipalities stand at the forefront of embracing clean energy solutions, catapulting us toward a sustainable and environmentally friendly world. It’s a future where renewable energy isn’t just a choice but a necessity.

In the face of hot-button issues like load shedding, he underscores the urgency of municipalities being trailblazers in this realm. He says, “I believe that while loadshedding presents significant hurdles, it also holds the potential for transformative change.” He is a vocal advocate for transitioning to renewable energy sources, stressing that technologies like solar and hydroelectric power have been available for a considerable period. “These technologies aren’t new; they’ve been available for a substantial period. It’s a matter of being ahead of the curve, embracing change willingly rather than being pushed into it,” he asserts. In essence, Mava's perspective underscores the importance of a proactive stance and the timely adoption of alternatives when addressing our energy challenges.

However, Mava’s ambitions don’t stop at a vision. He firmly declares:

“It’s high time that municipalities take the lead in embracing clean energy solutions.”

For him, this transition isn’t merely an obligation; it’s an opportunity to contribute to a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

In championing this shift, Mava consistently emphasises the need for a transparent and simplified procedure to expedite the transition to renewable energy sources. He urges for a proactive approach, stating, “We should embrace these alternatives willingly, without waiting to be pushed into change.” His passion for driving change and unwavering commitment to a better, greener future radiate through every word and action.

Paying it forward and empowering the next generation

Mava’s journey is not just about personal success, but also about paving the way for the next generation of accountants. He actively mentors aspiring accountants, providing guidance and insights into the profession. Mava understands the importance of being a role model and strives to guide young professionals towards successful and impactful careers.

He mentions, “I mentor young aspiring accountants; I want to be a living example for them.” His involvement with SAICA and his role as Chairman of the Southern Region Public Sector Committee highlight his dedication to the growth and development of the accounting profession, ensuring a steady influx of skilled professionals into the sector.

Balancing work, family, and entrepreneurship

In addition to his role at Langeberg Municipality, Mava is also a partner at Shumane Global Management, an accounting firm dedicated to assisting small businesses and SMMEs. This venture showcases his entrepreneurial spirit and his commitment to uplifting small enterprises through sound financial management and advisory services.

Shumane Global Management is a passion project for Mava, embodying his belief in the power of financial literacy for SMMEs. He advocates for empowering small businesses with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive financially. He states, “Our firm aims to empower small businesses through financial advisory and management, enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve sustainable growth.” The firm emphasises the importance of customised financial solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client, ensuring their financial stability and success.

He says when he’s not working he prioritises spending quality time with his family. “As a dedicated dad, I cherish these moments when I can fully engage with my three boys. The youngest, a delightful bundle of joy, is just a year and seven months old, while my older sons are aged 10 and nine. These precious family moments allow us to bond, create lasting memories, and strengthen our familial ties.”

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