Hudaco Industries lists on A2X


FD Clifford Amoils: Huddaco has listed on A2X so investors can trade at lower costs.

Distribution company Hudaco Industries has announced that it will be listing on A2X with effect from 5 May 2020. 

Hudaco FD Clifford Amoils says: 

“We have listed on A2X to provide investors with the opportunity to trade in its shares at less expensive transaction costs. In this very tough economic climate, everyone will be looking to contain costs wherever it makes sense to do so.”

Hudaco will retain its primary listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), which will be unaffected by the secondary listing on A2X.

A2X CEO Kevin Brady said Hudaco’s longevity isn’t easily achieved, referring to the company’s 125-year age. “Hudaco’s listing on A2X shows management’s ability to recognise an opportunity and adapt to the needs of the marketplace.”
The listing brings the number of securities available for trade on A2X to 37, with a combined market capitalisation of around R2 trillion. 

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