I.T. Asset Management a CFO's nightmare

The majority of public and private organisations have recognised the need to invest extensively in IT infrastructure in pursuit of increased productivity and morale from an increasingly mobile, expensive and demanding workforce.

Very few of these organisations have been able to keep track of and manage their IT Assets accurately and Fixed Asset Registers are always out of date or inaccurate, a CFO's nightmare.

Published Gartner research reveals discrepancies in excess of 30% between expected and actual inventories for servers, work stations and software, and even higher variances for expected and actual software usage.

The time, cost and reliability of audits and manual methods has discouraged many CFO's and CIO's from committing to this necessary dynamic process in a regular or proper way, and a result of this oversight is that the complete IT asset lifecycle from 'planning' right through to 'disposal' is likely to be impacted very negatively and expensively.

Common business challenges are faced by all of us while implementing a continuing and reliable IT asset inventory audit and management process, such as;

  • The high cost of manual and inaccurate audits.
  • The timeliness and pertinence of information.
  • Software license compliance.
  • Information preparation for planning and budgeting.
  • Centralised collection and collation of information for large distributed organisations.

All of these issues have led to the development and successful implementation for large and small organisations, of the iSafe IT asset audit and management solution provided by INFOPROTECT. www.infoprotect.co.za or mail [email protected]

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