IDC and Oracle Webinar: Three ways to boost Finance's ability to respond to Covid-19


Financial applications should be able to respond to the changing business demands of the new normal.

As the Finance function finds itself at the center of every business's response to Covid-19 the crisis is highlighting weaknesses in financial applications. Finance needs to partner with the IT function to address the bottlenecks that are now hampering Finance's operations. 
With the right tools and techniques, IT can work with Finance to solve these most pressing challenges, and do so now, when it matters most.

In this webinar IDC analyst, Tom Seal will be joined by Karine Picard to discuss the following 3 key areas:

  • Risk Mitigation: Delivering risk mitigation tools to support decision making.
  • Transparency: Providing an integrated, real-time view of the business's financial position.
  • Speed & Flexibility: Adding functionality and revising business processes to enable rapid innovation.

You will hear about the pressures the Finance function is facing today, how these pressures have changed in recent weeks, and the role technology can play in addressing them.

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