Interim CFO Fikile Mhlontlo says SAA’s return to the skies is a symbol of hope


South African Airways has returned to the skies again after being grounded since 2020.

South African Airways resumed flights on the Johannesburg-Cape Town route on Thursday, 23 September, after being grounded since 2020 due to being placed under voluntary business rescue.

Other destinations of the airline Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lusaka in Zambia, Maputo in Mozambique and Accra in Ghana.

Interim CFO Fikile Mhlontlo has described the airline’s resumption of flights as an important symbol of hope for the country, and is upbeat about it bouncing back. “Today we have reset and we are now coming back to join in the rest of the industry flying again. It’s a great day and with future prospects with the direction the company is going, those things may not necessarily be such a hindrance going into the future.”

He adds that it’s a “proud, proud moment and a show of hope”.

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