Jasco Electronics appoints alternate deputy chairman Pete da Silva as interim group CEO


Pete will serve as interim group CEO of Jasco Electronics with the help of CFO Warren Prinsloo.

Jasco Electronics has announced the appointment of alternate to the deputy chairman Pete da Silva as its interim group CEO following the resignation of Mark Janse van Vuuren as CEO with immediate effect. 

The group CFO Warren Prinsloo will support the interim CEO during this time. 

According to a statement by the company, following the successful completion of a restructuring and repositioning programme for Jasco Electronics and its subsidiaries, Mark felt it was time to pursue his own new interests after 12 years of service with the group. “Under his leadership, significant progress was made in driving to resolution a number of complex matters the company faced,” the statement read. 

The company thanked Mark for his contribution, and specifically for the leadership he has shown guiding the company through challenging times, including Covid-19. 

As part of his planned exit, Mark will continue to assist the board and the executive management on a consultancy basis with certain key strategic projects until 30 September 2020.

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