Jonas Schofer, The Hackett Group: assisting CFOs


Many large South African companies can free up between 10 and 20 percent of their working capital, just by improving the quality of their processes. That is what Jonas Schofer of The Hackett Group said on Thursday when he met with CFO SA’s Melle Eijckelhoff. Over the last months Schofer has met with around 100 South African CFOs to discuss the proven, hands-on approach of Hackett, a global working capital consulting firm dedicated to delivering sustainable working capital improvement across business operations.

In their meeting Eijckelhoff elaborated on the ambitions of CFO SA, including their vision of creating a vibrant CFO community in South Africa where finance professionals can share knowledge and discuss common challenges. CFO SA is already laying the foundation for this by organizing events like roundtables, creating publicity around best practises and implementing many more innovative approaches, which have proven themselves over the last 20 years in The Netherlands.

As both The Hackett Group and CFO SA see CFOs as their main target group, Schofer and Eijckelhoff had a lot to discuss, with both contributing a wealth of international and South Africa specific experience. They agreed that Schofer would give his views on the latest trends in the South African CFO world in an interview, soon to be published on this website.

In the picture from left to right: Melle Eijckelhoff (CFO SA) and Jonas Schofer (The Hackett Group).

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